Major problems with CD rom oplayer

  User-CDCF2885-6816-419B-B3140002FF3832B6 07:40 11 Oct 2007

I have Sony CD RW CRX 320E which for the last 6 months has been playing up.

It started by not wanting to burn any discs, now it seems to be refusing original game discs that I have be playing previously.

It sounds like it starts to speed up then fails and stops then starts again.

Could it be anything to do with Windows service pack 2
Or I did manage to burn a disc from Itunes at one point.
The trouble all started after that point

  BT 08:34 11 Oct 2007

You can get a new one for less than £20, and a CD/DVD one at that. Its hardly worth the bother when they start to play up.

Have a look here click here

Thanks I will buy a new one, but is there checks that I can perform too rule out if its any programs or applications conflicting.

Also where do I get a guide to help plug in the new drive from?

  egapup 12:41 11 Oct 2007

I had trouble with a cd writer, changed it for a second hand one, after a while that started playing up, changed it, then by accident i found it was the cable, changed the cable and its been ok ever since.

  BT 07:44 12 Oct 2007

It's pretty easy to change a drive. There are just two cables, a power cable and a Data cable and they can only go in their own respective sockets as they are totally different. The only other thing to check is the Master/Slave selector. Its a little plastic piece fitted over 2 of 3 sets of pins on the back of the drive, just make sure its on the same two pins on the new one. The drive itself is held in place by a couple of screws.

Its unusual for programs/applications to affect the working of a drive.

  ambra4 01:13 13 Oct 2007

Go to this Sony site and download the XP patch and see if that work if not download the firmware update

click here

Upgrade the firmware for the CRX320E CD-RW drive

click here

How to install firmware update

click here

Note: - The Instruction to install the firmware for the CRX-320A is the same for the CRX-320AE

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