Major problem with Napster downloads please help!

  o CUBBY o 19:52 06 May 2009

When I download tracks off Napster about 50% or more end up sounding horrible. They sound like a warped cassette tape or somebody messing with pitch control on a turn table. The tracks skip and the speed slows down and speeds up. I've tried contacting Napster customer service, but they were no help, saying that it was probably something to do with my sound drivers. The tracks sound the same on the computer, on disk and on an mp3 player. I believe that means it's probably not a sound driver issue, unless the sound drivers have something to do with the actual download. I've tried doing searches everywhere with no luck finding anyone with a similar problem. I even switched computers thinking it may be a virus or something like that, and still the same thing. I had no problem for the first 6 months, but for the last 3, this is all I've got. The only thing I think it could maybe be is my internet connection. I'm using a RangeMax Wireless USB adapter to connect to a 1.5mb speed network. But still, it worked fine a few months ago. I'm very frustrated and would hate to have to cancel my subscription. If anyone has any idea what may be causing this, or any ideas of things I can try, please please share. Thank you very much for any help I can get.

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