Major Problem During Virus Check - Help

  johndrew 17:09 06 Apr 2006

I was carrying out a virus check using Trend Micro`s SysClean this morning when the machine slowed and eventually died. I used Task Manager to shut down SysClean but when I rebooted the machine hung at the Windows loading screen and nothing more happened.

I have managed to repair Windows after a fashion but it is now very slow, the disk drive light is permanently on and I have `lost` my second HD, nothing shows up for any of the three partitions on it. I have also lost all sound and Device Manager shows a `!` next to the Realtek AC97 Audio icon.

Any help please. I am concerned the drive light is on continually as I fear the drive may be damaged.

  ade.h 18:38 06 Apr 2006

It's time start making comparisons; does it run any smoother in Safe Mode (choose the most basic option if possible)? I would not recommend trying to use Sys Restore in normal mode; given the extreme sluggishness, it will take a very long time and may not even complete. But you could try it in Safe Mode. If that fails to recover it, a non-destructive repair from the XP CD may help.

As to the root cause... I would only be hazarding a guess, but perhaps a virus was found and it could not be removed or quarantined.

  johndrew 20:22 06 Apr 2006

Thanks for responding, it has taken an age to do anything on this beast.

I couldn`t get into Safe Mode when it all went pear shaped. I ended up doing a repair with the XP CD but the screen kept on blanking for tens of minutes at a time with the HD light on continuously. Of course having done that I had no restore points to use.

I have managed to do a full AVG, MS SpyWare, AdAware and Spybot check with nothing found.

I feel wary about trying SysClean again even though I have used it many times in the past with no problems. The partial log it made showed no virus hits.

I have also, and I have no idea how, managed to get my other HD and its partitions to show. I have also reinstalled the sound driver and that now works.

The only concern now is the speed of the machine and the HD activity light. Is it possible that both HDs use the light and one is on its way out?

  remind 21:30 06 Apr 2006

Find out drive manufacturer click here
download manufacturer diagnostics for drive click here

  johndrew 11:55 07 Apr 2006

Although my other HD shows now and I can see the various folders, when I try to open most of them I get the message;
`F:*** File is not accessible. The file or directory is unreadable.`

I tried to delete one file and was told it could not be deleted for the same reason.

Does this mean;
I have lost this work?
I must reformat the partition/drive?
What action is recommended by those of you who know computers better than I do?

  remind 11:56 07 Apr 2006

see my earlier post

  curlylad 12:19 07 Apr 2006

There may be some infection at work here.

My advice would be to download HijackThis from here click here

This is a zip file so you need to unzip this into a folder of its own e.g C:\Program Files\hijackthis

Open hijackthis and click the button 'Do a system scan and save a logfile' this will then save a notepad logfile for you , next copy and paste the logfile into the 'Malware removal' forum at this site click here

This site specialises in reading these logfiles and they will be able to help you with any infections that you may have.

  johndrew 14:10 07 Apr 2006

I tried to download and use the Maxtor diagnostic checker. When I booted from it the screen came up telling me that it was inspecting my system for drives and the drive activity light came on constantly. It stayed that way for over 10 minutes before I shut it down.

Again I tried with the same result; in fact 4 attempts.

I decided to reboot and seek more advice. The reboot started OK but part way through it hung and I got a screen telling me that CHKDSK was looking at the F: drive (on the second HD) it then reported it was unable to write an output log and Windows continued booting at a snails pace but it did get there eventually. When I tried to open My Computer I got the message that Explorer was not responding. I left it but the PC went into a restart cycle on its own.

This time it did much the same but CHKDSK looked at another partition (I:) and gave the same report.

At this stage I decided that maybe if I disconnected the other HD and tried to boot from the Master, with only that drive connected, it may work.

Whether I did the right thing I don`t know but the PC has booted up normally so presumably I have a major problem with the other HD.

Does any of this make sense to any of you?

  keef66 14:21 07 Apr 2006

call me simple if you like, but it sounds as if your second HDD is faulty. Was it formerly set up as slave on a conventional IDE cable? Could you fit it as slave in another pc to see if you can read your files? (i did that for a colleague with an apparently dead disc; I was able to retrieve his stuff by hooking it up to my pc)

  johndrew 14:40 07 Apr 2006

The last thing I would do is call anyone `simple` except myself!

I think I understand what you are asking. Both drives were separate on the same cable and formed 5 partions, Drive 1 C:(Windows etc) D:(my work etc) Drive 2 F:(storage and some backup) H: & I: currently unused but earmarked for Linux (when I understand it!). So yes the troublesome drive is/was the slave.

However, I am unsure that puting it in a different PC will have any effect on saving the data, will it?

  DieSse 23:16 07 Apr 2006

Yes makes sense - I've seen a faulty slave drive do just this kind of thing to a system before.

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