Major POWER issues.....

  Sketch 23:40 15 May 2003


I just recently (today), installed a Gigabyte Radeon 9700 Pro g-card into my rig. This replaced a Geforce 2 MX card. It installed with no problems.

I have since discovered a worrying occurence whenever I run any CPU intensive software. (e.g: Norton Antivirus, Norton Speed Disk, Evidence Eliminator...)

The computer at random, will simply cut itself off. The unit will lose all power for a second, then reboot. Its almost as if my CPU gives up on the task at hand. Is my new g-card creating a heightened surge in power that my CPU just cannot handle?

It was fine under the Geforce 2. However, this new g-card requires a router for power for its onboard fan and ram requirements. Am I asking too much of my machine?

All help appreciated.


  Zaxifone 00:33 16 May 2003

What is the spec of your machine, and what is the size of the PSU?

It probably is the PSU not supplying enough power. 350w minimum...


  kane_2002k 00:46 16 May 2003

post ur PSU make and wattage.

  Sketch 12:29 16 May 2003

Er, I'm guessing you mean 'Power Supply Unit'.

How do I find that out?

Other spec:

AMD Athlon 1800XP.
Gigabyte Maya 2 Radeon 9700 Pro.

  Terrahawk 12:41 16 May 2003

if you open your case up their should be a label on it that gives you the wattage of your power supply unit

  Terrahawk 12:55 16 May 2003

oops a label on the power supply unit not the case

  seancblack 13:26 16 May 2003

Do you also run your monitor off your PSU?

  SEASHANTY 15:33 16 May 2003

Maplin have a 550 watt Power supply unit at half price £39-99 instead of £79-99. Post free for any order over £30. Unfortunately you will have to be quick to get this as today or maybe tomorrow is the last day on this offer. This unit has two fans.

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