Major pain in the ass

  jon_argent 17:18 20 Apr 2005

I have just got a nice new pc, and installed windows XP. I am (was) in the process of putting all my music and video back on from the backup cd's, but halfway thru one of them, it suddenly reboots, then comes up saying "NTLDR missing", and nothing i tried would recover it, meaning i have to install windows and everything. WHY is it doing this, and how can i stop it???

  PUNKA 17:24 20 Apr 2005

Are you missing a driver or an update for the file, (or Partition) you are trying to re install ??

  Yoda Knight 17:27 20 Apr 2005

This might help you: click here

  961 17:27 20 Apr 2005

This problem usually relates to the partition on the hard drive marked as active not containing the boot files.

However reading what you were doing at the time, it may be that on boot up the computer was looking first at the cd drive rather than the hard disc. The same problem can happen if you have a floppy in the A drive and the computer is set to look there first

Have you tried starting the computer, entering the BIOS (press del on startup) to ensure that the first seek for system files is to the hard disk, and then try again

  jon_argent 17:27 20 Apr 2005

Not that i know of, it works absolutely fine, copying stuff of the other cds, the internet, and programs, but at about halfway thru this cd, it reboots, then the error message, not loading windows.
Could it be because i'm using SATA drives, instead if the usual ATA's or something, even tho i doubt it

  jon_argent 17:30 20 Apr 2005

Its not on the first reboot, its only happened when half way thru copying files of of my cd, but not on any of the others...

The first seek is floppy, then cd, then the hard drive, but that shouldn't affect it cuz that's only for when its booting and looking for somewhere to load from...

  961 17:38 20 Apr 2005

Yes, I see that. But I think there are two factors here.

The question is what is causing the computer to stop and reboot while you are busy doing what you are doing? Once that has happened if you have a cd in the drive then the computer will look (unsuccessfully) for the o.s. on the cd you are trying to copy. If you alter the seek sequence to put the hard drive before the cd then you'll see if the re-boot works ok. Then you can see what is causing the close down problem

I take it that we have a new computer with xp installed from a disk, or is it an upgrade disk from 98se or Me

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:41 20 Apr 2005

These instructions from "another website" worked for me:-

Just do this exactly and all will be well, fine, and dandy:

1. Boot the computer with the WindowsXP CD. When prompted to setup or repair, choose repair. In the recovery console, enter the follwing commands.

a) FIXBOOT - answer yes

b) CD



f) COPY X:\I386\NTLDR C:\

  jon_argent 17:42 20 Apr 2005

XP was installed from scratch as the default os. Once the computer 'reboots' it does the default searches (A:, nothing, on to f: and g: (cd drives) then the message press any key to boot from cd, then 5 seconds or so after that on to the hard drives, which it then comes up 'NTLDR missing, press any key to reboot'

  jon_argent 17:44 20 Apr 2005

Mr Mistoffelees:

We already followed instructions similar, which was to copy the NTLDR file from
{CD DRIVE}:\i386\NTLDR c:

and after doing that, it showed the pretty mobo boot piccie, then the first part of bios, then rebooted. Over. and. over. again.

  961 17:57 20 Apr 2005

Try some of the fixes via google (ntldr missing)

Still wonder if this is because of the way the hard disk is partitioned.

Type of drive should make no difference

Some say hibernation settings can cause this

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