SDJ 22:17 26 Mar 2003

I was asked to look at a friends computer this evening and the following problems occur:-
Constant HDD activity
Illegal Op on startup (DW has performed....) Scandisk everytime
Constant Illegal Ops when opening IE (Kernal32)
When finally ends illegal ops I get a runtime error
Constant illegal ops when opening OE (Kernal32)
OE and IE when closed down remain on screen = corrupt screen
When closing OW & IE only thing to do is switch off

Computer spec is:
Gateway P3 500mhz
64mb sdram
11gb Seagate HDD
Windows 98 second edition
NTL Internet (64k dialup)


I dont know much about Kazaa except it aint legal, I have told my friend this but she would like to keep it.
What should be done?

Few possibilities I have thought of:-
1) Install Antivirus and Adaware? (Need details on this please but see from other threads that this should be loaded if using Kazaa) install Firewall and run defrag
2) Reformat and reinstall win 98 without Kazaa
3) Reformat and reinstall win 98 with Kazaa but with antivirus and adaware

I have mentioned point three as was wondering if it is possible to have Kazaa and a stable system but needs antivirus etc to be installed before Kazaa is if you get my point.

Could really do with some help but please dont preach to me about Kazaa as I am well aware of its problems etc. Like I say it aint my machine.

Huge thanks in advance. Probably respond in the morning as I am knackered.

Kazaa is legal, its what use you put it to that is dubious.

Out of your suggestions, the cleanest and in my opinion the best method is your option 2.

If Kazaa is an absolute must then option 3 but with a carefully configured firewall so you know just what is happening. Try Norton Internet Security 2003 for firewall and antivirus in one package.

  woodchip 22:29 26 Mar 2003

Best way is tell her you cannot do anything with it, other than clear the decks and restart with format reinstall but collect all the necessary's first Win CDkey Drivers and E-Mail Doc's etc. And then CHOP

  spikeychris 22:40 26 Mar 2003

As Woody says, every now and then theres only one option....


  woodchip 22:56 26 Mar 2003

Hey you dropt a clanger 15 min's ago, There is only me allowed to do that

  Megatyte 03:16 27 Mar 2003

A nice little utility if you're doing a cleany. Windrvghost scans your system for drivers and backs them up into individual folders within a backup folder. When you re-install just point windows to the relevant folder.

click here


  ollie < one> 03:29 27 Mar 2003

if u remove the sypware from kazaa it no longer works as the spyware is part of the program ,u need kazaa lite (no spyware). I ve found AVG anti virus is quite good (and its free) Ive never had any probs with kazaa lite , and we all know what ur freind whats it 4

  SDJ 10:44 27 Mar 2003

What is the difference between Kazaa and the lite version?

I am assuming that all these illegal ops and the fact that the machine needs all this work is because of Kazaa? could someone confirm this for me as I dont want to be barking up the wrong tree.

  Ellie3009 12:03 27 Mar 2003

Before you re-install, try a repair of outlook and explorer.
Go to control panel, add and remove programs, select OE and click okay. You should now get the option to "repair" click this, and let it do it's stuff. Then do the same for IE.

If your friend must have a p2p application there are other options than Kazaa available.

I have Bearshare installed, which uses the gnutella network, and although rarely used it has never made my system unstable or caused errors.

It does come with spyware/adware, but I cleaned it out using ad-aware and it runs fine without it.

I guess it depends what kind of file you are looking for though.

  Megatyte 12:10 27 Mar 2003

The best P2P has to be WinMX. Completely free of spyware/adware.
click here

  Switcher 12:26 27 Mar 2003

What is KAZAA

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