major issue with computer after usb cable inserted

  paddy69 10:28 27 Aug 2006

Yesterday i managed to insert a usb cable in backwards into one of the usb ports on the front of my computer. This has caused a few problems.
1/ I cannot turn my pc off without re-inserting the usb cable back into the slot or pulling the mains
2/ my computer when turned on cannot find my monitor- monitor states no video input.
Also my computer does not sound like it loads up as i cannot hear anything load.

I think i have shorted something out? maybe a board?

Any ideas what i can do or what the problem may be and a rough cost estimate and good repair company?

  Eric10 11:02 27 Aug 2006

Since it's the front USB ports that are affected you can disconnect them at the header on the motherboard. Make a note of the orientation of the plug or individual connections and wire colours if it isn't a single plug before disconnecting. If you are very lucky then the PC may operate correctly. If you still have problems then you have probably damaged the motherboard.

  paddy69 11:44 27 Aug 2006

Hi, Thanks to Eric for you reply.It seems my usb problem is now a motherboard problem. Any deas of a good repair specialist and roughly how much to replace a motherboard is??

  Stuartli 11:46 27 Aug 2006

You probably need to replace the USB ports at the front of the machine - you can buy a front bay type such as:

click here

You can also buy them with additional input/outputs such as audio as well as USB2.0 ports.

I recall inserting a USB lead incorrectly a while back into a back panel USB2.0 four port PCI card - there was a system crash and three of the four ports had gone down. The only one that worked afterwards was the one housing the modem's USB lead.

Replacing the USB ports PCI card returned the status quo.

  VCR97 19:09 27 Aug 2006

Avoid a recurrence of the problem by putting a coloured marker on the top-side of every USB plug.

  paddy69 20:57 27 Aug 2006

Thanks for your advice. I tried to get it fixed today at Pc World and was quoted 3 weeks before they could even look at it. I have disconnected both the usb and audio cables attached to the board but the computer is the same- cannotlocate monitor and will not turn off.
I need to get it fixed in Hertfordshire/ Bedfordshire - can anyone recommend???

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