Major Hard Drive Problem

  Yo Ho 07:08 24 Aug 2004

Hi. I am using my mate's computer, & went to add another hard drive & memory. No problem with the memory, but can't get the hard drive running. More on that later, but first, he has a problem with c-drive. Can neither run scandisk or defrag. Scandisk goes about 2thirds the way, and then everything freezes. Defrag produces nothing at all. I have closed all background programs, and even tried in safe mode, but no good. This is what his system is running.

Operating System System Model
Windows Millennium Edition (build 4.90.3000) Time Computers
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
700 megahertz AMD Duron
128 kilobyte primary memory cache
64 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. 7ZMMP 1.0
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 62710 07/15/97
Drives Memory Modules c,d
19.43 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
3.63 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

Generic floppy disk drive (3.5")

FUJITSU MPF3204AT [Hard drive] (19.44 GB) -- drive 0, s/n 05046693, rev 0028, SMART Status: Healthy 512 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot '0' has 256 MB
Slot '1' has 256 MB
Slot '2' is Empty
Local Drive Volumes

c: (on drive 0) 19.43 GB 3.63 GB free

Network Drives
None detected

Can anyone help please?

  Indigo 1 08:15 24 Aug 2004

Have you tried Disk Keeper Lite ?

click here

  Yo Ho 08:29 24 Aug 2004

Will certainly have a look at that. Anything is worth a try. Must take a look at Microsoft site too, see if there are any fixes, etc.
Just to add. Even with another 256 memory, system resources are still running low.

  xania 09:36 24 Aug 2004

Sometimes, open Windows files interrupt both processes. Try installing Windows in Safe mode. In addition to running with minimal drivers, all those programs you load at boot=up will not load. This will mean that all the PCs resources can be put to running your ScanDisc & Defrag. Ideally, the C:\ should be no more than about 3 Gb - try partitioning the HD leaving the C:\ drive to run the OS & hardware and putting all software, data, games etc on at least one other virtual drive. I prefer using Partition Magic for this click here, but there is also some shareware and freeware in the market as well.

  Yo Ho 18:40 24 Aug 2004

Thanks, Xania. Have tried doing scandisk & defrag in safe mode, but still keeps going back to the start. Nothing should be running, except explorer.

  slimbo51 19:10 24 Aug 2004

Can your M/Board support the new disc drive fitted, or even the memory.

As in size of total H/Drive capacity. Older boards and in particular cheap boards like the PC Chips range often used in the Tiny, PC World range,were made to a very low price and as such often a very low spec.

Suspect memory ok or would expect system not to boot.

  Yo Ho 22:48 24 Aug 2004

OK. Got the scandisk, and defragging sorted. Now to that hard drive. Think what you are saying could be right, Major.
I have the original drive as master, and the new 120 set as slave. It was not recognised in my computer, so checked DOS, and it showed up there. I decided to partition into smaller drives, so ME would recognise them. I have done this successfully before, but not with ME. Partitions went ok, and eventually i got the message to reboot. That is where the problem now lies. I cannot reboot with the new drive connected. I get the blue screen, and have to shut down. The only way i can reboot, is with the new drive dissconnected. Trouble is, I can't now do anything with my new drive. Any ideas how I can retrieve this situation?

  woodchip 23:03 24 Aug 2004

Start the Computer with a Win98se OEM disc from click here Then at A:\> type SCANDISK. To create the boot disc put a Floppy in the Drive the double click the download

  Yo Ho 23:37 24 Aug 2004

Thanks for that Woodchip. Will have a go at that.

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