major errors with minor marks on my burnt cds! :(

  theDarkness 12:58 13 Jul 2006

I have saved audio as mp3, then put on cd-r and tried to copy back onto the hd, after reinstalling xp, to listen. Im having problems doing so as two cds are coming up with the 'data redundancy check' after a few mins near the end. I have tried to use toothpaste as many tech sites specify get rid of most marks (and to avoid buying cd repair sets?), but it doesnt seem to have done the job.

Whats bizarre is that after burning I had not touched these discs even once, and put them inside one of those plastic 25xcd spindals that usually comes with blank discs. On examining my burnt discs, there are definately strange spotted marks that werent these before near the outer edge of the inside of the discs, which would obviously explain why the last files arent reading. Although one of two look harsh the marks do not look deep at all, as at an angle do not seem to have gone right through, but they still will not read. I have not had these discs near sunlight or any solvents.

Does anyone have any solution apart from binning the discs or rubbing even harder in a radial motion with the toothpaste :( lol

  theDarkness 14:18 13 Jul 2006

update: although ill need a more thorough check, most of the files that do not work on my pc seem to be playing absolutely fine on my normal dvd player of all things!

Does anyone know of a program that could possibly force my (supposedly badly scratched) audio files to save from the cd onto the pc hard drivem, with errors or not? xps own copy and paste just doesnt do the job well enough :(

It seems odd that the pc picks up the slightest of problems and then just gives up. its more of an awkward pc disc drive than any major problem with it since it seems to work ok with everything else other than these 2 discs...

thanks for any help, if possible

  Stuartli 14:27 13 Jul 2006

Are you sure that the disks were not damaged before you used them?

It's easy to catch a disk on the tray itself or you may have inserted it slightly askew so that it may/would have been damaged when the tray was closed.

  woodchip 14:52 13 Jul 2006

Check the back of the disc, As that is what is written to and most vulnerable. If the foil as holes that's why and no amount of polishing the front will mend them

  woodchip 14:53 13 Jul 2006

PS hold up to light to see

  theDarkness 20:01 13 Jul 2006

The discs definately werent damaged before I used them, so more than likely caused by being thrown around, eg the entire spindal containing the discs being knocked off a shelf. Either that or they scratched slightly as they entered the cd drive, although this seems unlikely I cant imagine my drive causing errors in any other way.

Holding one disc up to the light I can definately see a tiny graze, but im certain it does not go all the way through. The same disc has the same marks all the way around the discs outer edge, but not as harsh as the main stand out one (even though its very small). The disc plays fine on my regular dvd player, so Im really after a program that will do a better job of reading them and wont give up like xp, if there are any out there? Of course its my pcs cd drive giving up with the reading and not just xp itself, but its the only way I can think of repairing if toothpaste wont work, lol?

cheers for the info :)

  theDarkness 21:24 13 Jul 2006

(yet another) update!

Ive found and downloaded a program called Bad CD Repair 4.0 and judging by the name :) ill try it out and see how it goes. More likely than not this program will probably save the 'damaged' files to my pc ok but with rather large chunks of data missing compared to the original files (eg skipping audio) even though the scratched discs play great on my standard dvd player (arrgh!), but its worth a go finding out. I'll see how it goes and mention it.

I got bad cd repair from : click here

Worth a mention : I think the free non payed for version of this program comes with a built in internet toolbar and other forms of spyware junk, so may register as spyware or virus when using sensitive programs such as Avast! Im sure they wont do any harm since they are just adverts after all, and the program does seem to run ok after deleting these installed unwanted programs with Avast.

thanks to everyone than did reply!

  theDarkness 22:56 13 Jul 2006

Ive tried out Bad CD Repair - apart from being able to select the damaged files, it gives 2 main options, to either 'skip errors' or 'fill with zeros'. I tried both on my original file to compare, and the first option to 'skip errors' gave me a corrected version that did not play at all on my pc with the usual possible corrupted messages upon playing. The second option to 'fill with zeros' gave me a continuously playable video file with skipping in the area that was said to be damaged.

This file plays fine on my non pc dvd player though! very odd :(

  phono 23:04 13 Jul 2006

Why not connect your DVD player to your PC and copy the file to your HD then burn a new CD?

Also look at this click here

  theDarkness 00:27 14 Jul 2006

Thanks, ill try isobuster to compare and see if I get a better result. Im not sure what I would need, cables or pc program-wise, to connect the dvd player and record, but I might have to check that option out sometime, forgot that was possible. zzz. cheers :)

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