Major display/boot-up onto desktop problems...

  BeForU 17:25 25 Mar 2004

Hello. It seems that I have major issues with my graphics card and its drivers themselves. Whenever I bootup my computer and wait for it to go onto the desktop, all i get is a blank screen and so I cant really do much besides reseting the computer and going to safe mode. From there, I have to uninstall my graphics card drivers and just use the generic windows version. Once I restart my computer, it manages to boot into the desktop fine. Anybody knows whats going on?

I currently use a ATI Radeon 9700 non-pro with/or did use 4.3 Catalyst drivers.

Just to note I've also tried older Catalysts yet still the same problem.

  AndySD 17:43 25 Mar 2004

Have you tried updating the MoBo drivers b4 installing the ATI ones?

  BeForU 17:46 25 Mar 2004

Yes ive reinstalled them and everything and still the same problem.

  BeForU 17:54 25 Mar 2004

I also like to point out that this problem started to occur when i took my computer apart to clean up everything inside the case. It used to boot into the desktop fine but now it just cant.

  JerryJay 17:59 25 Mar 2004

Only thing can think of is you forgot to connect something, card cannot get enough power.

  BeForU 18:01 25 Mar 2004

I doubt it is to do with the power otherwise I wouldnt be able to get onto the desktop still as Ive mentioned above. Its merely something to do with using the official ATI drivers that cause the problem but I just dont know why and what is causing it.

  BeForU 20:45 25 Mar 2004

No answers anyone? This is really bugging me and has certainly put my gaming on hold for a while.

  gudgulf 20:56 25 Mar 2004

The 9700 needs its own power connector from the main wiring loom,make sure the you have reconnected that--it is not just a driver issue.

The generic windows drivers only give basic graphics functions so will not require much power.

  BeForU 20:58 25 Mar 2004

Yup ive tried all my current molex connectors and still the same problem.

  gudgulf 21:32 25 Mar 2004

If you think the official ati drivers are the problem have you tried an alternative source such as omega click here

Also have you had a look in device manager to see if the card is showing any conflicts?

Try removing and reseating the graphics card.

  BeForU 21:34 25 Mar 2004

I'm going to try out the omega drivers to see if this solves anything. If not then I am going to be really peed off. I've already tried removing and reseating the graphics card yet no luck with that.

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