Major Deletion Mistake

  Trepan 12:51 12 Dec 2009

Not sure if the above decribes what I have just done to my PC, so I will try to explain the issues I now face.

I was cleaning old no longer used programs from my PC using 'Your Uninstaller' and during the process I took my eye off the ball and allowing it to charge forth and remove 'Open Office' (I had some problems with it so I wanted to download a 'clean' version) it went and deleted just about everything all the shortcut's to every program all the Dll files etc even removing some of my backups from another hard drive. It did leave one full back up of my hard drive taken at the end of November but I had no way of re-instating it because the program - Acronis - could not of course be accessed.

It has also removed/hidden the MS accesories such as 'Explorer' and the games that come with XP.

In shear panic I eventually found over 22000 yes you have read that right 22,000 deleted files in the Recycle Bin and after some 6 hours re-instated most if not all so now I have things operating again and those that would not I have uninstalled and re-loaded from the CD's (where I have them) and if no CD downloaded FireFox on my daughters Laptop copied it and loaded it onto my PC, yep I even managed to bugger that and my e-mailer up! that allowed me to go to each vendors site and repair my own copy.

Just run 'RegCure' and found over 1200 issues with the following: -

Com/ActiveX entries
Application Paths
Windows Start-up Items
File/Path References
empty Registry Keys
File Associations

Cleaned them all up and I seem to be back to near normal, BUT I cannot re-install the accesories because XP keeps asking for the install disc when it is already in the CD.

I have also decided not to use the back-up of my hard drive because I suspect it may have been corrupted during the fiasco.

So would I be better to go and purchase Windows 7 and upgrade (Oh yes I forgot to say I am unable to use my XP CD to repair the system because it tells me my computer has a later version so a full installation would be the only option - which of course means I loose everything!)

Advice needed, leaving out words like fool, idiot, pratt etc etc I have already told the guy in the mirrow plus a lot more which I cannot show here!

  BRYNIT 13:16 12 Dec 2009

You say you have backup your hard drive at the end of November using Acronis. Why not reinstall Acronis and restore from the backup.

  Trepan 13:55 12 Dec 2009

Not sure it will be un-contaminated considering a number of the other back-ups on the same disc were all deleted during the above fiasco - so I am reluctant to trust it.

  johndrew 14:41 12 Dec 2009

When you say you are attempting to `Repair` XP, I assume you have booted from the XP CD. If this is the case the repair should continue and return the installation to an earlier state leaving you to download all the updates. Don`t forget you will need your XP Key and the motherboard drivers disk.

If the PC insists you insert the XP CD when it is already loaded it could be the installation was carried out from a different drive - especially if you have two. Try the other drve. If that fails try pressing <F8> during the boot and selecting the drive to boot from.

Another option would have been to try a ` Restore` to a point before you started cleaning. This can often save a lot of hassle.

Windows 7 is an option, but given that XP is currently `broken` you may well need to do a full installation which would wipe the partion/drive and leave you no better off.

You could also look at the Acronis backup as you can recover individual files from it rather than simply doing a complete reinstall from a backup you consider suspect - it may well be perfectly good.

  peter99co 14:43 12 Dec 2009

Not sure it will be un-contaminated?

Have you anything to lose by trying? Is it worth backing up the good stuff (so far) and having a go anyway.

If it fails then Plan B seems to be to start again with a purchase Windows 7 and upgrade.

You can only upgrade from Vista by the way.

XP needs a Full Clean Version.

  T0SH 14:59 12 Dec 2009

Why don`t you fit a brand new hard drive then use your acronis rescue CD to boot up to , restore your iffy acronis backup to the new drive if it works well and good if not you will still be where you are now should be a no loss situation

Cheers HC

  birdface 18:37 12 Dec 2009

I would remove Reg Cure and use C cleaner.
Reg cure has been known to cause a lot of problems whether it is any better now I do not know.

  birdface 18:59 12 Dec 2009

Almost impossible to find a decent site to download Reg Cleaner from.
Maybe worth a read but remember it is over a year old.

click here

  birdface 19:01 12 Dec 2009

Sorry should have said.
Almost impossible to find a decent site to download RegCure from.

  Trepan 20:07 12 Dec 2009

Thanks for all the responses. The wrong drive was the causation of not being able to load XP accessories. I will give the Acronis a go on a new HD - I do have a spare.

For whatever reason the XP Restore also failed to reinstate from a pre-clean point.

Win 7 did not realise you cannot 'upgrade' from XP - so I guess I will have to pay the full amount then.

Sick about the comments of RegCure considering I have just paid for it.

Again many thanks to one and all for the above quick responses.


  BRYNIT 21:42 13 Dec 2009

From what I have read XP cannot be upgraded to windows 7 you need to do a clean install. This web page may help click here

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