MAJOR BT/Norton problem...

  woofwoofbark 14:18 07 Dec 2006

I recently decided to instal BT Security programs , they include Norton Firewall/Antivirus and Spyware , well it bogged down my computer so I decided to uninstal the whole lot , I had heard about Norton problems from this site and in hindsight I shouldnt have bothered ...

I went into add/remove programs and clicked on BT Applications , clicked on the security box and everything uninstalled , the popup said uninstalling firewall then antivirus ect ect and then asked me to restart the computer , i did , but when the comp booted up so did norton security .. its still on my system , control panel>security centre says my firewall in on and the antivirus is on and reprts that its uptodate , the folders for norton is still in My Computer>C:>Program Files , why is that ? I cant see any way to manually uninstal.

I wish I had stuck with zone alarm/AVG ...

if anyone can help i'd be really greatful


  woofwoofbark 14:28 07 Dec 2006

in BT Applictions theres nothing showing for Norton , as far as its knows its uninstalled , I like it fully out of my system


  birdface 14:30 07 Dec 2006

You have to switch Firewall And Anti virus off, before you delete,There is a Norton removal tool that you should have used, I am sure someone will paste it on here for you.

  birdface 14:32 07 Dec 2006

Once you get the Norton removal tool and run it, Run C Cleaner after it, Just to make sure that everythig is deleted.

  mammak 14:36 07 Dec 2006
  anskyber 14:42 07 Dec 2006
  anskyber 14:43 07 Dec 2006

Oops sorry, you got there whilst I was away.

  mammak 14:44 07 Dec 2006

lol no problem

  woofwoofbark 15:48 07 Dec 2006

Ive ran the tool and restarted the comp , the folders in Program files have gone and ive searched through start>search for Symantec and Norton , plus ran registry mechanic/ccleaner , BUT , Windows security centre says that Norton Personal Firewall is ON ???? it seems all traces have not been deleted , Ive ran the tool again and restarted but Norton is reported to be still active/on :s

is there anything else I can try ?

thanks for help so far


  Kate B 15:53 07 Dec 2006

Try running the tool again in safe mode.

  woofwoofbark 15:54 07 Dec 2006

i'll report back once ive tried that.

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