Major broadband outage..again

  961 16:31 03 Nov 2010

Anyone who is having trouble with broadband may wish to be aware that there is another major fault today on the BT broadband network

Mine went off at 11.15 and was back on around 2pm but many exchanges are affected and there must be hundreds of thousand of users having problems

So, always assuming you can get to read this, if you have broadband problems in the next few days, don't go ripping your home hardware apart looking for a fault

It may just not be you!

  anniesboy 16:36 03 Nov 2010

Mainly in Ireland,Scotland and North of England according to my ISP

  woodchip 16:44 03 Nov 2010

Well BT are fitting Fibre Optics in Penistone though I am with TalkTalk I will get the benefit of 20gig speed as its a free update with my ISP when its connected

  g0slp 17:04 03 Nov 2010

It took out the Sky BB service in Durham again too

  Strawballs 17:31 03 Nov 2010

No such problems with Virgin and even if they do have problems it does not affect other peoples customers

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