Major boot Problem **Urgent**

  SuperChris9 23:11 31 Jan 2004

This is really crazy!!!! I was using my computer and for some reason needed to restart it(I did a regular restart). Any way it loaded up and said "Operating System not found." I was kinda shocked by this. The OS(XP Pro) never came up ever again.So i figured i would run my system recovery cd and it wouldn't boot from cd. I figured i would try to find a boot disk online with the cdrom drivers. I did this and had to restart again and now when it boots up all i get is a blinking underscore. It still goes through the splash screen and i can load the bios, but after that it is unresponsive. Norton a couple of days ago came up saying it found (something)f.worm virus.
Any suggestions on what to do?

  John-259217 23:27 31 Jan 2004

Have you checked the bios to see if there is an option to enable booting from CD?

  SuperChris9 23:36 31 Jan 2004

Yes and there is, but it won't do it
It doesn't respond at all to the Boot from removable device or From CDROM.

But when the bios loads, it does check the CDROM and Floppy and the light up and spin, but it won't boot from them

  howard60 07:19 01 Feb 2004

try opening the case and pressing the power plug into the mobo it sounds like the voltage is too low or a bad connection. If you can, take the plug out and then put it back in. While you are in there make sure all cables are firmly in their sockets as they can work free over time. This will at least eliminate these from the problem. Your message about something found could indicate a virus that attacked the bios not very common these days but they are out there. If it is that you may be able to reset the bios by entering it and setting fail safe options. Just because the flash bios screen comes up does not mean it is properly working.

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