Main PC can't see other laptops on Networl

  Demora 10:54 21 Feb 2009


Main PC Winxp pro 2 laptops Winxp home all sp2.

Recently I had to re install Win XP Pro on my main pc and now I can't access the other laptops, they can't access this one either. BUT the printer sharing is fine.

I first thought it was a firewall problem but this doesn't seem to be the case.

I have re run the network setup wizzard etc.

Any help please.



  mgmcc 11:42 21 Feb 2009

Check that you have selected "Simple File Sharing" in the XP Pro PC (this option isn't available in XP Home, which can only use Simple File Sharing).

Open Windows Explorer and, from its menus, select "Tools > Folder Options". Click the View tab and, in the Advanced Settings, scroll down to the very last item "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" and ensure its box is ticked.

  Demora 12:18 21 Feb 2009

mgmcc. Thanks but the box was already ticked.

I hate messing with networks and I'm stumped with this.


  Demora 15:59 21 Feb 2009

Ok Managed to get this sorted to a point. Now I have a webbook running winXP Pro. I can access it from the main pc and I can see it from webbook.

BUT I cannot access the shared folder. Access denied.

I've checked the firewall settings and I'm not sure if this isn't the cause. Panda internet security on webbook.

All other pcs' are now seeing and talking to each other. File sharing is enabled and the laptops see and access the webbook but not main pc. Main pc is accessing both the laptops though.

Any pointers???



  mgmcc 16:42 21 Feb 2009

I think the root of your problem is "firewalls" in the various computers. I'm not familiar with Panda Internet security but, in general, I always recommend allowing the "Subnet" in firewall settings rather than individual IP addresses or ranges. How this is entered depends on the software - if your router has the address then the Subnet address is (don't confuse Subnet with Subnet Mask). With some software (Zone Alarm, Norton) this address is entered to allow access to the full Subnet; McAfee uses the "broadcast" address of to allow full access. It's a matter of checking out what your firewall allows.

  Demora 23:18 13 Mar 2009

I have checked the firewalls on all pcs and I'm still getting nowhere.

I'm wondering if there isn't a component of WinXP Pro missing. But I haven't a clue as to what. Or some kind of conflict.

Oh and I have checked the Router. a Netgear DG834N. Nothing seems to point to any of the computers on the home net being blocked.

Sorry I was so long with this.


  emily3543 06:12 18 Mar 2009

check your main pc network setting.
your main pc name/ip is same as before.
i hope it would not.

  Demora 12:27 19 Mar 2009

Well I have been through every setting I can think of. Changed firewall, workgroup name reset router. Checked installed component software for networking. Searched google. Nothing.

RThis computer will not let anything access the shared docs folder. It will share the printers though.

I'm at my wits end with this.

Checked IP addresses etc.

Threatend pc with trip to bottom of garden pond. Nothing.

(BTW no matter what Firewall I use, and I have used most. Nothing gets to the shared doc folder)

It works the other way round.

Still looking for any pointers.


  mgmcc 19:37 19 Mar 2009

>>> This computer will not let anything access the
>>> shared docs folder. It will share the printers
>>> though.

The "Shared Documents" folder, which is for documents that are shared by all User Accounts set up in XP, still needs to be set as a network share by right clicking and selecting the Sharing & Security option for it to be accessible from a separate networked computer. Have you done this?

  Demora 18:39 20 Mar 2009

Thanks mgmcc. Although the folder was marked for sharing it wasn't named correctly under 'properties' so I disabled sharing and re-named it to shared documents. (no pcs on network running win 98 etc.

I'll mark this as resolved.

Thanks again. I now need some hair restorer. Ggg


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