Main board faulty?

  co-rep 01:57 25 Apr 2004

Last month my computer only started up after going through a couple save mode boot-ups.
It gradually got worse. It would not come out of save mode, and finally it would not even get into
save mode. E.g. the computer would endlessly reboot itself.

I reformated the hard drive and re-installed Window98SE. This prooved cumbersome. It fell down when looking for plug and play devices. I disconnected everything beside graphics card, hard drive and CD rom.
Eventually I got Windows98 running. The problem with the mainboard re-starting during boot up remained. No doubt this will eventually screw up the registry file.

Maybe a red herring: On startup the BIOS reports 1000 MHz CPU and 200 MHz bus. This should be 1300
MHz and 266 MHz. Tried changing the BIOS from a 100 setting to 133 setting, this however totally
killed the system. A BIOS reset, with jumper on mainboard, was required.

Any suggestions? Can mainboards be tested?

The system: MSI 6380 K7-266 mainboard, AMD 1.3GHz CPU, ABit APG graphic card, Maxtor hard drive.

  Derek 05:58 25 Apr 2004

You may have already done this but try....
Get into the bios then read the MB manual page for page and set up the bios accordingly.
Now you may have some memory that's going down or intermittently going down. If you have two lots, reduce this to one and try booting again, then try the other strip of memory.
Whilst messing around with memory, check every plug in on the board and carefully check the cables and wires going into the plugs. If you have any spare ribbon cables for the various drives, then change them.
Best of luck.

  co-rep 22:58 25 Apr 2004

Derek thanks for your reply.

I have not tried the memory, 10 years warranty seemed to make this an unlikely cause, however by reading back through other people's problems...

As to the BIOS I did go back to all recommended settings as per manual. This problably helped in getting Win98 re-installed, however it did not solve the problem.


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