SURVEY 14:24 06 Nov 2006

I have very recently installed these free programs on to my XP SP2 computerin readiness for ditching my Norton Internet Security suite.

I a experiencing problems with downloading emails into Mailwasher. All worked fine until I installed AVG 7.5 and Zonealarm. I have disabled the NIS suite and NAV and enabled AVG and ZA. When logging on to MW I often get the AVG Email scanner message stating many times Auto Connecting to my ISP but nothing happens even though the broadband connection is connected and I can access the internet directly.

Looking through some past postings I have turned off the email protection for Basic Mailsafe in ZA and this seems to help. Is this OK and should it be necessary?

My laptop runs AVG 7.1/ZA and Mailwasher without a hitch on Windows 98SE. So is this an AVG 7.5 upgrade problem? Cuold it be that NIS is still interfering despite being disabled; I am loathe to remove it unless I decide to stay with it!

Any ideas?

  ACOLYTE 14:34 06 Nov 2006

I would uninstall NIS all togehter if you have installed AVG and ZA,there could be conflicts with having them all installed even though they are dissabled they can still conflict.

  SURVEY 14:38 06 Nov 2006

Acolyte - I fear that you may be correct! However I do wonder of AVG 7.5 could be part of the problem?

  skidzy 17:09 06 Nov 2006

Agree with ACOLYTE,even if norton appears disabled AVG and Zonealarm may pick up on some of the registry paths and cause conflicts.Try using the Norton removal tool click here

  bof:) 17:18 06 Nov 2006

also agree with the help above. I have all the programes you want to put on your pc running on my laptop. All work fine.

You shouldnt have 2 antivirus programes running on your pc at the same time.


  SURVEY 17:25 06 Nov 2006

skidzy/bof:) Thanks for your responses. It really is just this matter of getting the AVG Email Scanner to connect.I am still getting the message 'AutoPOP3 Connecting to' many times over. Sometimes it works and allows MW to download the emails, sometimes not. I guess I shall have to bite the bullet and uninstall NIS.

I thought that the Norton Uninstall program that NIS2004 comes with was sufficient to remove the program. Skidzy - do I need the Norton removal tool in preference to the uninstall program? I want to retain my Norton Ghost program but the Norton removal tool looks as if it removes all Norton products.

  skidzy 17:42 06 Nov 2006

You could try changing the pop.freeserve to pop.wanadoo or

Also try instead of com

With my past experience of Norton,it would be gone already.We have dealt with several threads relating to Norton and uninstall problems.

I would go for the removal tool first and then use Ccleaner click here to clean redundant registry paths.Also using windows to remove any parts that may be left over from Norton.

If i can remember correctly,i think you can install the ghost program on its own,however i woulnt have anything to do with Norton on my systems ever again.

Im not sure if the Ghost program will conflict with Mcafee.

I think VoG™ may be using Ghost (not positive though) but i am sure he uses Mcafee.So im sure he will advise you if he is using the Norton Ghost and of any conflicts that may arise.

That is my opinion and some others may argue to differ.

Have you thought of Acronis for your backup program.

  SURVEY 18:02 06 Nov 2006

skidzy - I have tried your first two suggestions without effect. I had thought of Acronis but I already have several backup images using Ghost and it has always performed without a problem. To be fair so has NIS performed OK over the years but I am tired of the very poor service from Symantec and the fact that they withdraw support so quickly for thier products!

  Scouter 18:08 06 Nov 2006

You have AVG, Mailwasher, Zone alarm - when you run mailwasher AVG is attempting to scan e-mails before mailwasher can connect?

AVG should not be checking the emails before mailwasher, avg e-mail scanner should kick in when you download the emails from your isp server. Maiwasher should your access your mailbox on the isp server and show you what is available, it shows it in plain text.

When you click on Process Mail button maiwasher shoudl delete the files you have identoified as spam or unwanted then load your mail programme, (Outllok, OE, thuhnderbird etc, then as the files are bieng transferred from the server to your system inbox AVG should scan the files in the background.

I may be mixed up with mailwasher - I have mailwasher pro from firetrust.

  skidzy 18:14 06 Nov 2006

Without ever using Ghost and another AV,i would be wrong to say they would work together.

Im so sorry,i wrote regarding Mcafee earlier,im getting cross threads regarding fault Doh :-0

I think the best bet is to uninstall Norton if this is your wish and try ACG and zonealarm with just the Ghost install.

Make sure you do have the backup availble with ghost as you can always reinstall the Norton if needed...assuming you have the software.

I would be concerned if AVG or Zonealarm corrupts the Ghost backup though.

Think the best bet is to wait and see if anyone comes in saying they use Ghost and AVG with Zonealarm.

Back to the original question,i think Norton needs to be totally removed to find out if this is the reason behind emails not reaching Mailwasher.

  SURVEY 18:16 06 Nov 2006

skidzy - Thanks again. I am using Ghost with AVG and Zonealarm without any problem on a laptop running 98SE. As you suggest I shall wait for any other responses prior to uninstalling Norton!

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