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  Abel 15:38 24 May 2011

I’ve just changes my ISP from Orange to BT. My e-mails are normally first viewed using MailWasher Free, and downloaded as required. However, although I’ve notified everyone of my change of e-mail address, undoubtedly some will not have noted it and continue to use the old one. Now, MailWasher Free only allows screening of one ISP and I’m wondering if there’s a similar free product out there that will allow me to screen both of my e-mail addresses before downloading?

  peter99co 16:15 24 May 2011

For a small fee Mailwasher will operate multiple account. One off cost only.

  Abel 18:34 24 May 2011

Hello peter99co, if by a small cost you mean £19 or so, then thats far too much. But thanks for your input anyway.


  Kalitechnis 19:38 24 May 2011

Hi Abel,

I recommend you try Pop Peeper

I used to use Mailwasher, but switched to Pop Peeper some time ago, and wouldn't switch back. Multiple email accounts, notification of new emails, and ability to reply to emails make it a no-brainer.

  Kalitechnis 19:42 24 May 2011

I forgot to mention that it's freeware, and also can be portable.

  Proclaimer 21:15 24 May 2011

'For a small fee Mailwasher will operate multiple account. One off cost only.'

No longer a one off cost. It is now a yearly subscription.

  mgmcc 08:41 25 May 2011

"No longer a one off cost. It is now a yearly subscription."

Getting ever more greedy methinks. Originally, the "free" version of Mailwasher supported multiple mailboxes, then later versions were restricted to one account. It became necessary to buy Mailwasher Pro to use multiple accounts. I still use Pro but the last time I tried to upgrade to the latest version, my registration code wasn't valid, I'd have to buy it again - no chance! I reverted to my existing version for which I still have the installer file. Now it seems a yearly cost is involved.

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