mailwasher question

  p;3 13:35 28 Oct 2006

when mailwasher runs and checks the servers for mail the mails are able to be seen on server; if you right mouse click in mailwasher the specific mail you are concerned about and look down to the part that says preview message, , then make sure the display full header and message source box is ticked, you can see the whole message, and enough to confirm if it is spam or not, IN the mailwasher program; as far as I am aware, that does NOT "activate" the message on the server nor indicate that the message has been read in any way;

this proceedure cannot in any way activate any viruses in the message

as far as I am aware this is correct?

  Miros 15:01 28 Oct 2006

You can do all that just as easy with ePrompter from click here

  rawprawn 15:19 28 Oct 2006

You are correct, EPrompter which is suggested by
Miros is another good alternative, and although I have used Mailwasher for years I have switched to EPrompter.

  Meshuga 15:26 28 Oct 2006

I use EPrompter too and it is excellent. I have mailwasher on another PC and that is equally as good.

  Miros 15:39 28 Oct 2006

Me too.

  p;3 17:57 28 Oct 2006

I was actually asking about these aspects of maiwasher specifically, and not seeking an alternative

  beeuuem 18:02 28 Oct 2006

The answer is that you are correct. In Mailwasher you can view the mail but it is not present on your computer and any nasties remain isolated.

  p;3 18:10 28 Oct 2006

my question , as already stated, is, does previewing the mail in mailwasher activate the mail as "read" and send a read report to the originator of the mail, or give any indication to the sender that it has been read, even if only previewed in the mailwasher ; I do not think it does but I am asking forum members if they know this to be true also?

  Meshuga 19:18 28 Oct 2006

p;3, the anwer to your last question is tha mailwasher merely gives you the opportunity to view emails without them being on your pc and it does nothing else but that. It does not send ANY info to anybody. You either accept the mail or delete it from the server.

  Miros 19:57 28 Oct 2006

It looked to me as though you were making a statement in your opening comment rather than asking a question,it didn't look like a question to me, I merely said you can do the same with ePrompter, but for my money ( though it's FREE )ePrompter is smaller takes up less space on your hard drive, is very simple to use, very efficient if you don't want it that's your choice. Would you like my paid for pro version of MailWasher which I never use now since I discovered ePrompter?

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