mailwasher query;is mailwasher ?infected?

  p;3 14:16 18 Feb 2007

does anyone have the mailwasher from this link
click here installed?

this is what mine (version 2.0)shows when it is running
[url=click here][img=click here][/url]

I am dealing with a badly infected computer (not mine)and IT's mailwasher program, taken from the link above, shows a full page like a web page when running unlike mine with shows just the mailwasher ; I would be grateful for a screan shot from anyone who is using the version in the link to see if the infection has also invaded the mailwasher and hijacked its presentation


  VoG II 14:19 18 Feb 2007

It is just a different version. It will show the advertising blurb if it is a free unregistered version.

  p;3 14:38 18 Feb 2007

I started off with I beleive that version and never had that lot?hense my concern that ? had the infection taken over that page too?

at present nowt would surprise me as impossible

  birdface 14:45 18 Feb 2007

McAfee gives it the green light for clear.

  colberly 15:13 18 Feb 2007

I have Pro version 5.3 from that link and no problems whatsoever. Been using it for awhile now.

  Nellie2 15:48 18 Feb 2007

If you really have a concern then contact Firetrust, they are very helpful. But as VoG said, that is the nag from an old unregistered/free version.

I know of no malware that targets mailwasher

  colberly 16:13 18 Feb 2007

Have just seen their forums are unavailable at the moment when trying to connect via 'Help'

  Quiet Life 18:57 18 Feb 2007

Downloaded from that site about a week ago. No problems at all.
click here
Have put screen shot on the above link.

  Nellie2 19:27 18 Feb 2007

The support forums are actually at Castlecops click here I think Firetrust should update that link!!

Castlecops have been suffering some server problems for the past few days so you may find the site slow or even inaccessible at times, please bear with them, they are working on it.

  Ben 216 19:45 18 Feb 2007

Maybe you had an older free version? If I remeber rightly the free version never used to have the adverts, they were added in later.

  p;3 21:47 18 Feb 2007

I actually uesd that link to put mailwasher on someones computer two days ago; and found that it presents with a whole page of stuff which i presume is 'normal'?

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