Mailwasher query

  TommyRed 20:50 14 Jul 2004

I have mailwasher on my account in winXP, my wife does not as you can only use one account evidently. My question is how to configure the accounts so she doesn't download my e-mails when she opens her user account. Not only does she get my e-mails but she may bring down something from the server that we don't want on our PC eg. Porn. Any ideas TR

  mbp 21:26 14 Jul 2004

Get the Full MailwasherPro or let your wife apply for her own free version on her laptop?

  TommyRed 21:34 14 Jul 2004

She doesn't have a laptop, she uses the same desktop as me but under a different user account. Plus, being disabled on benefit I don't want to pay for anything if I don't have to. TR

  Daveboy 22:30 14 Jul 2004

I'll assume you use o/express to download your e-mail, so if the wife has her own user a/c in xp then use tools/accounts/email in o/e and remove your a/c from her profile. I assume also that yours does not download hers ?
Who is your S/provider ? Most allow you to access your mailbox on their wb sites so you can filter what you want B4 downloading.

  NotsoNewuser 22:33 14 Jul 2004

Don't tell her your password into your account, and enter it each time yourself and do not save it, then she cannot get into your mail account.
Mailwasher free does only let you have one account at a time, so if yours is the one listed she will have to get her own version if she wants to screen her mail.
I swear by it, it's saved me a lot of problems.

  TommyRed 23:07 14 Jul 2004

Yes use OE for e-mail and PlusNet is my BB ISP. She doesn't get any, only wishful thinking. Though for whatever reason, and she doesn't know my password, when she opens her account it brings my e-mails down off the server. Obviously something isn't set up right. TR

  GaT7 23:36 14 Jul 2004

You could setup OE not to download emails immediately when you open it.

Go to OE -> Tools -> Options. On the Gerneral tab, untick the 'Send and receive messages on startup' box.

Now when your wife opens OE she needs to go to Tools -> Send and Receive and click on her ISP to download only HER messages. When you open OE, you do the same for yours. (Of course this will not work if both of use the SAME ISP account to d'load messages for both email accounts. If this is the case one of you will have to get a separate free account from a different ISP & do what I've explained above.)

I can confirm crx1600's version of MW does multiple accounts. HTH, G

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