a mailwasher problem

  palinka 12:02 06 Apr 2008

My friend uses Mailwasher, but she told me she was still "seeing" all the spam it removed, so I've now set it to "Hide" all the filtered mail. But when I tested it the spam that we thought would now not appear in Mailwasher still appears.
Yes, it's flagged as blacklisted so it isn't downloaded into her Outlook Express, but there is such a lot of it that we'd hoped she wouldn't see it at all.
Any advice, please? It's the older version of mailwasher, not the most recent.

  eedcam 14:16 06 Apr 2008

The only Hide I seem to have is to hide mail from my friends list. Bit risky not seeing the spam as you never can be sure it is spam asMailwasher not infallible in deciding

  palinka 14:51 06 Apr 2008

I agree in principle about the risk, but she's getting 60 a day, all of the usual type. Her ISP doesn't provide any spam filtering at all - it's provided by a local PC shop under their own name but is actually Squirrel Mail, Absolutely dreadful.

  eedcam 18:35 06 Apr 2008

See what you mean lesser of two evils I guess .Have you tried mailwashers forum for any possible solution
click here

  palinka 20:02 06 Apr 2008

thanks eedcam, I hadn't thought of mailwasher forum; I've now posted a message there and wait to see if there is a solution.

  Noels 20:17 06 Apr 2008

I get 20 or 30 emails per day, quite a few labelled as Spam and set for deletion. I find its quite easy to process the mail so that they are deleted without opening them. However I like to look at their titles because every now and then an email marked as Spam is one I need to see.
I think it would be a mistake to hide all mail marked Spam without the possiility of viewing the source.

  palinka 20:44 06 Apr 2008

Noels, this is worse than your situation - she gets a handful a day that are genuine , all from local council and gov't type offices and around 60+ of the "male enhancement", cheap watches, type. So we reckon, having monitored them for several months, that the risk of mis-labelling is VERY slight. The puzzle is that having blacklisted the spam she still sees the list even though we've ticked "Hide". Can someone explain the point of the option to Hide if they all still appear?

  palinka 09:40 09 Apr 2008

eedcam, someone on mailwasher forum has suggested a solution: involves the "priority" of certain actions; see click here
I think I can now tick resolved in the expectation thta we can solve it in the nearfuture. Many thanks for the link.

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