Mailwasher Pro v4.1 - thoughts/comments please

  g0slp 15:09 29 May 2004

There don't seem to be any recent threads on this, so I'm wondering what others think of this new version. I'm presently using v2.0, but the writer is offering a discount on v4.1 until Monday. Comments both for & against appreciated.

Regards, Mark (g0slp)

  Valvegrid 16:02 29 May 2004

Hi Mark,

Hope you're keeping well? I've been using the new version of MW. It seems to work just as well as usual, with a few more refinements. The only drawback for me is it doesn't my Lycos http mail, but great for Hotmail and pop mail.



  g0slp 10:41 30 May 2004

Thanks for your reply. Still mulling this one over; maybe the daytime squad will have thoughts on MW

I'm not too bad; kept busy! Will speak direct soon

Take care

Best regards, Mark

  Epocs 11:09 30 May 2004

Not a great fan of mailwasher, used an older one when we started recieving 100+ spam a day, after using it for a few weeks this number had increased by about 50 a day. Doesn't realy seem to do much at all.

  ianeon 11:25 30 May 2004

I use the latest verion and have found it reliable and accurate

  Valvegrid 14:27 30 May 2004

Do not whatever you do, do not bounce emails. The spammers are aware that these programs exist and can tell by the length of time between sending their email and receiving the bounce from you that the email recipient is an active account.

  Valvegrid 14:29 30 May 2004

Sorry about the poor English, but I think you get the gist.

  g0slp 06:43 31 May 2004

2 for, 1 against so far. Concur with Valvegrid's advice about not bouncing, btw!

  ianeon 08:42 31 May 2004

Having the "bounce" facility is one of the main reasons for having Mail Washer - or am I missing something here ?

  g0slp 09:02 31 May 2004

There are a few good reasons for not bouncing spam.

First, it confirms that your address is live, unless you can match the automatic rejection of ISPs when (for instance) a mailbox is full. Manual bouncing is obvious because of the time delay.

Secondly, it just adds to the volume of junk traffic being sent round the 'net, therefore slowing everything down

Thirdly, a lot of spam is now 'apparently' coming from addresses which have, in fact, been stolen, either regularly or on a 1-off basis, so all that happens if you bounce one of these messages is that it fills some other poor person's Inbox. (& maybe they'll bounce it back to you, or complain to your ISP that you're a spammer...

Remember, if you were misguided enough to want to buy pills to enhance yourself (!), get a degree, etc etc, then usually you are invited to click on a link within the spam email, not reply to the message directly.

There are other reasons; I'm sure other forum members can describe them, but these will do for now

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