Mailwasher & Outlook Express question!

  gazmix 13:24 17 Sep 2006

Hi all
I have Maailwasher which i find a great tool to sort my mail & bounce back or whatever.
Whenever i checkmail & then click on Process Mail, after it's processed, Outlook Express automatically starts.
Before, i had to click on Mail Programme before OE came up.
This started happening since i had to remove Mailwasher & then download it again!
I assume it could be just a setting problem, but i can't seem to sort it!

Anyone please!!



  Taff™ 13:57 17 Sep 2006

Tools>Options select or deselect the checkbox "Launch e-mail client...."

  johnnyrocker 14:20 17 Sep 2006

just a quick note bouncing is a waste of time and only adds to web clutter.


  gazmix 14:33 17 Sep 2006

Cheers Taff
when i go to mailwasher & i'm not online & i click on checkmail, it used to bring up my dial up box!
Now it says mailwasher is unable to bring up dialup network connection.
Can you tell me how to use Mailwasher as a programme to bring up my connection box.


  gazmix 14:34 17 Sep 2006

mm, does that explain why i get somedays 70 or so mails of spam in mailwasher??

  bretsky 14:45 17 Sep 2006

From what you have described, this would be a normal setting, so after mailwasher has processed your mail, it then fires up your email client.

In my case, I use Mozilla Thunder Bird and mailwasher Pro 5.2, and Mailwasher checks my email server every 4 mins, when I have new mail, I select the messages I want to keep then hit process mail.

As johnnyrocker asys, not a good idea to bounce, as this can cause major problems with the ISP servers due to the amount of spam being banded about, so just delete them.

bretsky ;0)

  bellababy 15:46 17 Sep 2006

You don't need MailWasher if you use ePrompter click here take a look, it's simple and easy to use.

  Taff™ 06:30 18 Sep 2006

In Internet Explorer go to Tools>Internet Options and on the Connection Tab select "Dial whenever a network connection is not present"

  gazmix 10:55 19 Sep 2006

I use Firefox, but also have IE.
Will adjusting this on IE also work with Mailwasher when i'm using Firefox?
There's no 'internet options tab' on tools on Firefox!

  Taff™ 12:24 19 Sep 2006

Don`t know Firefox at all but try it anyway.

  gazmix 13:24 20 Sep 2006

I know it wasn't too important, i could just have clicked on my Orange anytime desktop shortcut, but old habits die hard!

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