Mailwasher - is it good to bounce spam?

  muscic lover 09:15 06 Jan 2005

I use mailwasher to allow me to sort my email from the garbage of spam.
I get far too much of it as do most others, but my question is this....

When mailwasher loads up and autoblacklists spam, is it a good idea to bounce it back to the originator or will that let them know that an active email address is 'good' for more of the same?

Any ideas from those with more knowledge than me will be appreciated. (thats 99% of you )!!
Regards RP

  [email protected] 09:35 06 Jan 2005

Generally it is recommended not to bounce spam - just delete it.

  Pesala 10:02 06 Jan 2005

No. Don't bounce it. That just adds more unnecessary traffic to the internet. You can edit the blacklist options to autodelete blacklisted email so that you don't even need to check emails from blacklisted addresses.

Just be careful when adding addresses to the blacklist if you choose this option. You can, of course, edit the blacklist to remove accidentally added addresses, but you might not notice for some time, and only after the emails have been deleted from the server.

  octal 10:33 06 Jan 2005

As Pesala says it just adds extra traffic by bouncing, also also the spammers are aware of these programs and by bouncing it just confirms that the email address is valid, which you've already mentioned, not only that quite often the bounced email isn't seen by human eyes because the spams come from automated machines anyway. So delete with glee!

  muscic lover 11:17 06 Jan 2005

Well, looks like i am about to delete and not bounce. that seems to be the wayy forward!

Spam, dont you hate it, and why would somebody buy from a 'company' that advertised in a bad way like spam is.... well i suppose 1 sale makes it worthwhile for them..... but i never buy from spam mail offers, I NOW delete and dont bother!

Thanks to you all out there in spam free PC land

Regards Rob

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