Mailwasher HELP

  siouxaber 12:21 13 Oct 2006

I, like many others, am getting lots of mail saying my e mail could not be deliverd - recipient doesn't exist - recipient unwilling to accept etc etc. Needless to say I haven't sent these e mails. I have read a lot about "Mailwasher" & attempted to download it. When I went to RUN it A box came up with the message "The Publisher could not be Verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?" Is it safe to run? PS I am a beginner

  birdface 12:25 13 Oct 2006

If it is being downloaded from original Mailwasher site it should be ok to run it,Most things you download on here are the same, Box comes up ,like the one you had,And as long as you know it's from a trusted site, it would be safe to download,

  Miros 12:35 13 Oct 2006

Before you use MailWasher try ePrompter from click here it's much easier to use and very simple to set up, I know as I have both but only use ePrompter now.
I have the pro version of Mailwasher by the way, I'm sorry I paid for it now, had I known about ePrompter I certainly would not have done so.

  rawprawn 12:38 13 Oct 2006

The answer to your question is Yes, as buteman says

  siouxaber 13:32 13 Oct 2006

Thanks everyone. Will download now. Why am I getting these bogus e mails?

  Miros 14:11 13 Oct 2006

If you didn't follow up that link take a look at this and the reviews.
click here

  siouxaber 15:23 13 Oct 2006

I was in a dilemma - should I download Mailwasher or ePrompter? I went for Mailwasher in the end cos I'd read a bit more about it. Thanks for your help

  rawprawn 17:33 13 Oct 2006

I have just downloaded EPrompter on your recomendation, although it seems to work quite well telling you of mail arriving it does nothing regarding blacklisting or deleting, which seems to be the problem that siouxaber is trying to solve.
Mailwasher will do just that. I am not knocking EPrompter, but I think it does a different job.

  [email protected] 18:12 13 Oct 2006

Can you run both at the same time? I would like a Good "You have mail " notifier, but am running Mailwasher (the paid for version). The mailwasher symbol is quite small to see in the task bar, if mail comes in.

  rawprawn 18:15 13 Oct 2006

Yes you can run both at once, but if you are running Outlook (Not OE) you can program it to do much the same.

  Miros 00:01 15 Oct 2006

With Mailwasher you still have to go through the physical bit of selecting deleting, etc, it's a large programme takes up a lot of room on hard drive, more complex to set up and operate,I know all about the white list and black list ect in Mailwasher but it can't dump without your selection.

You have none of that with ePrompter, you know, as I do what mail you want to download or dump, with ePrompter it's a simple process of look, select, dump, and download, if not sure take a peep, you like you keep, you don't you dump! All without compromising your system, so simple so good. I'll stick with it till the spammers and other and other nut heads find a way around it.
if your running a businees it may be different?

You stay with Mailwasher I have dumped my paid for Pro Version in favour of ePrompter! That's your choice, and good luck to you.

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