Taw® 19:13 24 Mar 2004

Have been usiing this programme for a long while. However on accessing it today, right clicking my blacklist, friends list etc is all greyed ie. not active. On the tools the options,friends and blacklist are also greyed out unable to use.I therefore cannot "add all to blacklist/friends list" etc. Have I inadvertently hit a setting or is there a possible virus threat? AVG all up to date.

It is not a trial version is it?

  GaT7 19:36 24 Mar 2004

Try uninstalling/reinstalling MailWasher. This will not mess with/delete your black list, friends list or other settings.

  ianeon 19:36 24 Mar 2004

An updated version (4.0 ) is available to all registered users - try downloading this - it may solve your problem

  Taw® 19:44 24 Mar 2004

No daz not a trial version and tried unistalling but it picked up my old settings again. It also wont let me process the mail as thats not active. I'll try version 4 ia and get back

  Taw® 19:48 24 Mar 2004

Had to download all the scam as it wouldnt let me process on MW and just deleted all the mail. However on going to MW again all systems are back to normal. I am suspecting that contained in the scam mail has been interfering with it any thoughts??

  phil 19:56 24 Mar 2004

It hadn't finished dealing with all the emails on your server.

The reason may have been a problem with your isp's mail server or more possibly a slowness on your own machine caused by having too many blacklisted email addresses.

I had this on my copy and when I looked at the list it was well into the 2000 mark. Try clearing that list and see if it improves.

Once it's gone through all the background processing you'll find that the greyed out areas become active once more. Just give it time.

  Taw® 21:07 24 Mar 2004

thanks for that phil glad to hear was nothing more malicious

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