[email protected]

  brambles 21:46 07 Aug 2009

Full address
Mailer-Daemon@[email protected]

I have had 15 messages from this address in my normal Inbox and a further 18 messages were arrested as Spam. Basically the messages are all the same except the n18bullet has various other numbers ie n9:n26:n56 etc.

It doesn't appear to affect any working of my computer which is operating normally but it is irritating. Is there anything I can do because this has become quite regular this week.


  lotvic 22:21 07 Aug 2009

about Mailer-Daemon click here
someone's pc with your email address in their address book is infected and is sending spam it is using your email address in the 'From' field.
The emails you are getting are the ones that couldn't be delivered so they are being returned to you (even though you didn't send them)

On the off chance that your pc is the culprit and for your own peace of mind, run your antivirus programs etc to make sure your pc is clean.

  Sea Urchin 23:10 07 Aug 2009

You don't mention how you are collecting the emails - is it from a website, or do you use an email client such as Outlook or Windows Mail or Thunderbird etc? If the latter you should be able to set up a message rule to divert any mail received from an address including n18bullet into your trash folder.

Doesn't stop the problem, but would save you having to weed them out from your Inbox.

  brambles 17:28 08 Aug 2009

Thank you sea Urchin & lotvic I do appreciate your quick response. I am satisfied with the integrity of my own computer so following you recommendations I'm not too concerned - even though it's irritating.

I use Windows Mail and most spam is arrested but occasionally, as ocurred yesterday, some emails still get through.

Thanks again


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