mailbox full warnings on O/Express

  desi3026 09:54 09 May 2006

Can anyone tell me if its possible to increase the capacity of the mailbox on outlook express.
I have recently been getting frequent warnings about my box being full,even when there are only a few messages on it.Even as little as ten messages can sometimes trigger this warning.
My isp is Tiscali,could the problem be with them?
They are very difficult to get hold of,so I'm hoping I dont have to contact them.
Many thanks in anticipation,
desi 3026.

  wee eddie 10:02 09 May 2006

The chances are that you are storing mail on Tiscali who, I believe, have a web based service.

Off hand, I cannot remember how to ensure that mail deleted from the server when delivered to your OE, but it can't be that difficult 'cos I managed to do it.

Try visiting "Mail" on your "Home Page" and it may become obvious, or others here will fill in the details.

  desi3026 10:04 09 May 2006

thanks wee eddie,will try.

  VoG II 10:28 09 May 2006

Compact the folders click here

  terryf 10:38 09 May 2006

In OE got to Tools>accounts>advanced and make sure that 'leave a copy of messages on server' is unchecked.

  desi3026 11:11 09 May 2006

Thanks all,have compacted folders and checked that "leave a copy message on server" is is unchecked,so will wait and see if my mailbox becomes "full"
Regards desi3026

  Stuartli 12:39 09 May 2006

I had exactly the same problem with Tiscali using Thunderbird - only one particular e-mail address was affected.

It turned out to be the fact, as terryf suggests, that "Leave Messages on the Server" was Enabled.

  wee eddie 13:25 09 May 2006

I am pretty sure that you will need to access your Tiscali Account and clear the backlog of mail.

However some ISP's only hold the mail for a limited period, say 1 month, which means that your account will gradually loose it's content.

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