Mailbox disk quota exceeded

  R.C.M. 10:31 06 Jun 2006

I have tried to send several photo's via email to a contact group [Moto-X Club]

Everyone is receiving the attatchments except one whoes message keeps getting sent back becuase

Remote MTA SMTP diagnostic: 552 RCPT TO: ************> Mailbox disk quota exceeded *

How do I or my friend resolve this problen?

Very many thanks

  dms05 11:29 06 Jun 2006

Two possibilities. First your attachment could be larger than the recipients account will accept. Secondly the recipient needs to do some housekeeping on his email account and delete old emails - it sounds as if your attachments are big enough to exceed his total mailbox storage allowance from his provider. In either case it's the recipient who has to take the action.

You could try reducing the size of your pics so neither of the above apply.

  R.C.M. 13:09 06 Jun 2006

There are seven people in the Moto X Club email group. When I send photo's they are via the group - all other members receive the photo's except the one I have identified.

Is it just the case that he should move the photo's he wants to keep into a folder into his 'my documents' - and delete any that he does not want.

When I send the group photo's I use the e-mail this file in the File and Folder Tasks - a dialog opens to ask whither I want to make my photo's smaller - I always use this procedure.

Thanks and take care.

  dms05 13:31 06 Jun 2006

It depends upon how he operates his email. If it's online (ie Hotmail or similar) he will need to delete some emails to free up storage space (most web mail has limits on the amount of storage you can use). Or perhaps he has set up his email to download to Outlook Express (or similar) but is leaving a copy of the email on his email server. He should really have a look at his email account and see what's happening at his end.

  DieSse 23:54 06 Jun 2006

Or maybe he has an account with a very small quota - I have an old one with a 5MB quota, and nowadays I occasionally have attachments larger than that - which get rejected.

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