Mail Washer Filters

  Pesala 14:02 02 Jul 2005

Does anyone have a list of recommended filters for Mailwasher? These can be found in the C:\Windows\Application Data\Mailwasher\ directory in the file called filters.txt. For example, one might have:

[enabled],Viagra,"Filtered - undisclosed recipients",16711680,OR,Delete,Subject,contains,viagra,Body,contains,viagra

[enabled],"mail not to me","not to me",16711680,AND,Delete,Bounce,Subject,contains,approved,Body,contains,rate

I'm new to this. Maybe some experienced Mailwasher users have some good filters that have been well tried and tested. If they just copy and paste from filters.txt to this thread, other users could try them.

Also, what does the number "1671180" mean?

  bretsky 14:39 02 Jul 2005


  Pesala 14:56 02 Jul 2005

I corrected the title of the second filter, and changed the status colour. The number is derived from the status colour.

[enabled],Loans,"Loan Sharks",33023,AND,Delete,Subject,contains,approved,Body,contains,rate

  bretsky 15:30 02 Jul 2005

But do these filters work? I have MW pro5 free version and have tried to set a filter but to no avail or is it a paid for thing? another words, does the filters only work if you have the full version.

bretsky ;0)

  Pesala 15:41 02 Jul 2005

Not to sure about that, but I just found this list of predefined filters on the Mailwasher website.

click here

This just goes to prove that it is often worth reading the Help file to learn how to use a program.

  Pesala 16:03 02 Jul 2005

If you want to make the most of Mailwasher, this forum will probably be useful: click here

I installed the recommended filters, but it too much for me to understand yet.

  bretsky 16:14 02 Jul 2005

Well I have just cut'n'pasted the filters log into mailwasher, and now all I have to do is wait.

Thanx for the link, now in favourites.

bretsky ;0)

  Pesala 16:34 02 Jul 2005
  Pesala 16:37 02 Jul 2005

I'm hoping that some experienced users will come up with a few really useful filters. As you found, adding filters is a simple cut and paste job.

  woodchip 16:43 02 Jul 2005

I always thought that fillters was made by the user settings

  bretsky 16:44 02 Jul 2005

Yes I'm finding that out now, you have to customise each filter as appropriate when the unwanted message arrives!

bretsky ;0)

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