Mail notification Prog.

  Meshuga 08:40 30 Jul 2005

Within the last week somebody mentioned a program here that notified the sender when an email that they sent had been read by the recipient. It was similar to mstag. Does anyone have a link to this please as I now cannot find it. I don`t know its name. Many thanks. Meshuga.

  VoG II 09:11 30 Jul 2005

This one? click here

  Meshuga 10:06 30 Jul 2005

No VoG, as mentioned in my post, it was similar to that one. Thanks anyway.

  Meshuga 12:12 30 Jul 2005


  ACOLYTE 12:57 30 Jul 2005

Can u do this anyway with OE request a reciept for read emails?,i dont use that option but i have seen it listed in OE.

  mattyc_92 13:00 30 Jul 2005

Yes you can do this in OE....

  Meshuga 14:01 30 Jul 2005

Yes ACOLYTE and mattyc_92 but that relies on the recipient agreeing to sending a receipt. The prog I am referring to automatically sends a receipt when the mail is opened, in the same way as msgtag does. Thanks for replying.

  ACOLYTE 14:11 30 Jul 2005

Sounds like a good program,but couldnt such a think be construed as a privacy violation on the recipents part?,if it sends a reciept without them knowing.After all not everyone wants the people who sent them emails to know that they have read them.

  Meshuga 14:31 30 Jul 2005

Good point ACOLYTE but msgtag program has been doing it for years so I people have to accept it or tell the sender that they object to it. I have used msgtag in the past but would like to try the one I`m looking for. Thanks again.

  pj123 14:37 30 Jul 2005

Meshuga, I think you'll find if set up in OE even if the recipent Clicks "No" you will get the notification anyway. Which means (to me anyway) that they have received it regardless. I just tested it with a friend who has it activated and I said No. She confirms that notification was received.

  Meshuga 15:02 30 Jul 2005

Thanks pj123. How do I set it up in OE please?

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