Mail not accepted from blacklisted IP address

  Pineman100 16:54 02 Aug 2008

I run XP Home and my ISP is Tiscali. I have a friend in France who runs Vista and his ISP is Orange.

Over the last few days he has tried to email me several times. Each time, the email is bounced back to him, with the report: "550 Mail not accepted from blacklisted IP address (". The bit in brackets is an IP address.

We have checked very carefully, and there's nothing wrong with the email address that he's using for me. I can email him without problems, and he can email me from his Gmail account successfully.

He is even less computer savvy than me, so I'm trying to help him sort out this problem. What I need advice on is where it is likely to be occurring. Do you think it could be:

1. Something in his firewall?

2. A problem with

3. Tiscali blacklisting

4. Something else?

Item 3. seems inconceivable, because Orange is such a major ISP, but I suppose it has to be considered as a possibility.

Has anyone got any ideas, please?

  howard64 17:11 02 Aug 2008

I would look at the settings on the firewall first.

  Jak_1 17:27 02 Aug 2008

Tiscali have been blocking Orange since it was Wanadoo.

  Sea Urchin 18:19 02 Aug 2008

A possible workaround, but good luck

click here

  Pineman100 18:26 02 Aug 2008

Thanks to all of you. From Jak_1 and Sea Urchin's responses it certainly looks as though problems sending emails from Orange to Tiscali aren't new. But my friend has been sending them to me for years with no problem - I wonder why this has suddenly cropped up.

I think I'll contact Tiscali's technical support people and see what's going on. I may be a lot older by the time I next post on this thread...!


  Becco 19:25 14 Aug 2008

I am in France and my server is wanadoo. For some months I have been unable to send mail to friends on Adopting a new "orange" address cleared it for a while, but now that seems to be being blocked as well.I have complained to tiscali, and so has one of my UK correspondents, to no avail. I can send from Yahoo, but it's a nuisance having to run several addresses. Any help gratefully received.

  Pineman100 07:15 15 Aug 2008

I have received a reply from Tiscali Support, which confirms that the Orange IP address has been blacklisted. No explanation for this is offered. In order to lift the blacklisting, here's what Tiscali say:

"To resolve this issue, the owners of the blacklisted Domain/ISP can request to get this removed by contacting Spamhaus at: The Spamhaus Block List (SBL) is a real-time database of IP addresses of spam-sources, including known spammers, spam gangs, spam operations and spam support services."

I've passed this to my friend in France, and I'm hoping he can have some success.

Many thanks to everyone for your contributions to this thread.

  Becco 10:30 19 Aug 2008

I contacted the spamhaus website and tested my IP address. Apparently it is not on the blacklist. I am still being blacked when I use Windows Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird, but if I use the Orange Messagerie I can send to Tiscali OK. I can't see anything wrong with my configuration of my mail software (WM and MT)- has anyone any ideas please ?

  walesrob 10:54 19 Aug 2008

The problem here is with Orange mail server IP address, its being listed in some SBL blacklists. It really is up to Orange tech support to get this resolved and get those mail server IP's off the spam database.

As a rule, I would never use email services supplied by ISP's, my BTYahoo email is a good example of this (some email servers see all email from BTYahoo as slighly spammy).

  Becco 16:22 21 Aug 2008

Thks for yr comments. Would there be 2 different IP addresses for the same e-mail address - one via Windows Mail for example and the other directly from the Orange server ? How can I find the IP adresses with Vista ?

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