Mail Merge Avery labels J8160

  brambles 17:24 29 Jul 2013

I dont have difficulty in doing a Mail Merge for labels but I am always disappointed with the final merged document. The problem is that it positions the start of the address far too close to the left hand edge of each label. Then when printed the label looks untidy.

I don't want to centre attribute everything but I want the text left aligned in the centre of the label.

I can achieve this by individually editing each label but, when there are hundreds it takes far too long. Is there anyone who does labels regularly tell me how to obtain a better merged result?


  Woolwell 17:51 29 Jul 2013

Which version of Word are you using? Try indent from the left. You should be able to update all.

  compumac 20:02 29 Jul 2013

If using Word and the J8160 label is displaying the outline of the labels i.e. the outline of the table then select all, right click and select cell alignment, there you will be offered the alternative layouts.

  alanrwood 11:05 30 Jul 2013

He is probably using the mail merge facility from within the Avery program. Need clarification of this and if so which version, before knowing how to progress.

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