Mail deilivery failed.......

  Umbra 20:04 16 Jun 2003

I have recently received several emails from the "Mail delivery was rejected as an attachment possibly contained a virus" or words to that effect.

These rejected emails were to addressess that I do not know of.

So has someone hijacked my email address??

Any ideas as to why I'm getting these mail delivery failed emails??

Any ideas welcome.


  Forum Editor 20:10 16 Jun 2003

you have a virus in your computer, and it's sending mail that you know nothing about.

Do you have an anti-virus application installed on the machine?

  Lú-tzé 20:12 16 Jun 2003

It is possible that a virus has been spreading from someone who has you in their address book - there are a number of viruses doing the rounds which take a random address to put into the "from" field on their mails. Thus, you get the mail returned to you when it is bounced back.

  Umbra 20:40 16 Jun 2003

Thanks both, for a very rapid response.

Ed.....Yup! I run Norton very frequently and update the virus definitions regularly. Many moons ago I often posted here on the importance of regular AV updates and frequent AV checks. Thanks though cos it is always worth repeating.

Lú-tzé....thank you too, I had considered a virus, but not that some idiot may be using my email address in the "from" box.

I'm going to recheck my virus status.

Have either of you a virus name or file I could check for please.


  slysy 20:56 16 Jun 2003

If you use AOL, it is possible that your account can get hacked so that they can use your address to send spam, etc.
If someone complains to AOL, then they close the account.

This has happened to me and was easily rectified, at least temporarily, by AOL.

Check click here for security checking applications and fixes.

Sly Sy

  Lú-tzé 21:00 16 Jun 2003

"some idiot may be using my email address in the "from" box" - well, they might be, but it is more likely that the virus itself does this. I cannot think of the name of one at the moment though - just ensure that you have the latest definitions and do a scan. That way you will be sure that it is not you that has the virus. If another machine is sending out emails with your address, there is little you can do. Examine the headers of one of the returned mails and see if there is anything there to identify where it might be from.

  Umbra 21:25 16 Jun 2003

Thank you all for you helpful comments.

I'll mark this resolved and see what I can find from the mail delivery failure stuff.

Thanks again,


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