Magnetic damage to Hard drive and cooling fan

  tim.h 09:32 15 Oct 2011

My Equium L10-200 Toshiba laptop was placed very briefly on the top of a hifi loudspeaker. On removal it would not boot up and gave a blue screen with error message. Advisors in another thread have pointed me in the right direction (thanks Fruitbat) regarding reinstallation and recovery, but I have another problem. I can boot from my DVD drive but after half an hour or so the machine stops with a click. I haven’t heard the cooling fan working, so I assume that the problem is overheating. My question is, assuming that the fan has stopped working because of the same magnetic fields that corrupted the hard drive, is the damage likely to be to the fan, some controlling circuitry or indeed software that controls the fan? Will a straight replacement of the fan solve the problem? Obviously there is no point attempting to reinstall the OS if there is a possibility of a thermally influenced cutout in the middle of the procedure. I would appreciate any comments.

  spuds 10:31 15 Oct 2011

There would not be any damage to the fan due to a magnetic field problem. Sound more like a fault in itself or the controls working it. If you are competant enough, then you could check the fan independently.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:44 15 Oct 2011

30 minutes is a long time for it to work without the fanworking at all, it would most likely shut down to overheat within 30 seconds.

read here

How to repair a tosh here

  tim.h 16:14 15 Oct 2011

I was getting ready to dismantle to access the fan and just nudged the rotors to check whether it was seized. It turned, so I thought give it one more chance and booted up from DVD drive. Surprise surpise fan now functioning and has been for nearly two hours and at rest it is reading 36 degrees, which seems fine to me. It's all a mystery to me so all I have to do now is track down some installation discs. Thanks for all responses.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:27 15 Oct 2011

A click and reboot can be down to a hard drive problem.

  robin_x 20:22 15 Oct 2011

My fan stuck on my laptop when only 4 months old.

Since I had already broken and replaced the screen, I didn't bother about warranty.

Fully expecting to clean or replace the fan, I was pleasanty surprised to find I could pull the rotor/fan blades off and 3-in-1 oil it. Two drops. That was a year ago. Fine since.

Google "how to lubricate a fan" for lots of links.

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