Magnet next to moniter

  tree2 13:19 09 Apr 2003

i put a magnet near my moniter from the speaker and the screen has gone multi-coloured help me i don't know how to get it back

  €dstow 13:29 09 Apr 2003

On the monitor itself there should be some button which allows you to access its controls - menu or something like that. Find the "degauss" function and operate that. It may not work the first time - or even subsequent times if its really distorted. Don't do it too much as it can wreck the monitor - but you may have done that already.

If it doesn't work it's hands deep in pocket time and remember to be more careful with your next one!


  graham 14:45 09 Apr 2003

Is this the same tree2 who put a load of !'s in a thread last night and made it widescreen?

  tree2 19:41 09 Apr 2003

shutup it is not even fo my computer its a friends one

  graham 19:52 09 Apr 2003

You said it was yours.

  Installer. 20:00 09 Apr 2003

OOOH ERRRR bit of a domestic.....

  flecc 21:10 09 Apr 2003

If degaussing doesn't work, get the same magnet and pass it to and from the colour fringed area in various directions so that the magnetic field grows and dies.

You'll see the colour fringing change and you'll find a movement that will reduce it to near zero. Then the usual degaussing when switching on and off the monitor will get rid of the rest fairly quickly.

Unorthodox, but it does work.

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