Magical Defrag

  lulubelle 18:10 21 Jan 2007

Hi All,
Has anyone installed Ashampoo Magical Defrag from the cover disc?
I aready have Diskeeper Lite, but it would be nice to have one that defrags in the background.

  sinbads 18:18 21 Jan 2007
  EARLR 18:30 21 Jan 2007

I tried IObit but it would´t let pc shut down normaly so got rid of it.
good luck

  SANTOS7 18:33 21 Jan 2007

Why would you want to defrag in the "background" the idea is to turn off everything that writes to your HDD while you defrag...

  Technotiger 18:35 21 Jan 2007

Hi, I use IObit all the time, without problems.

  sinbads 18:41 21 Jan 2007

2.01 resolves shutdown problem,

  lulubelle 18:41 21 Jan 2007

I'm only repeating what the "blurb" in PC Advisor says about Magical Defrag i.e. "Defrags the hard disk automatically and invisibly in the background" Excuse my ignorance.

  Technotiger 18:45 21 Jan 2007

IObit works 'in the background' - the taskbar icon shows when it is working.

  lulubelle 18:58 21 Jan 2007

Thanks for your help guys, I will have a think about which one to install.

  SANTOS7 19:00 21 Jan 2007

Must be OK then.
I am sure both ways will do the job..

Did find this tho
click here
text taken from link..

If you find you run the defragmenter and it hangs like D.S.'s system, be sure that your anti-virus program and other programs are turned off during the defragmentation process

Some programs, like anti-virus programs, make regular hard drive accesses. This interrupts the defragmentation process. If this happens too often, the system will give up.
It's kind of like when someone is doing math in their head and you start yelling out random numbers at them. Eventually they'll get distracted and have to start over. If you do that enough times they'll give up and punched you in the nose. Good thing computers don't do that.

  skidzy 19:02 21 Jan 2007

Just a cautious warning to anyone who are thinking of trying IObit SmartDefrag 2.01,it is in BETA and possibly cause one or two problems.Though im sure it will run fine for most it pays to be aware of it being in BETA.Afterall,this is your harddrive your playing with.

Apologies if sounding over the top,but if you play with BETA aware of the risks !

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