Mad onion 2001se - low score

  CRAIGY 05:04 06 Jan 2003
  CRAIGY 05:04 06 Jan 2003

My comp is a 1800xp, 512ddr, MSI G4MX440, matsonic 8137c motherboard. I tried this benchmark program and got only 4800 result. My friend even though he has more memory and athlon 1.3 gets well over my score. Is my score normal for this amount of memory or well below par?

thanks for reading

  CRAIGY 06:38 06 Jan 2003

I just ran the same program 3 times.
1. using my main drive (c:)ATA 66, DMA enabled, with 392mb Virtual Memory and cleared memory of 446mb
2. using my second drive (d:)ATA 33, DMA Disabled with 392mb VM and memory cleared to 457
3. Using just memory with no VM, memory cleared to 446mb
Memory is 512mb 2100DDR, Opp Win98se, DirectX 8.1, MSI G4MX440 drivers 3100, Card Overclocked to 513memory Clock and standard 270 Core Clock.

result for C: was 4785
result for D: was 4840
result for just mem was 4853
is this right? still seems to low to me, and that Virtual Memory does nothing at all.

  AndySD 07:34 06 Jan 2003

Its more dependent on the Graphics set up for the PC. Is the card set up in the BIOS as 4X and agp appeture as 256.... are you using the latest Drivers ...etc.

  CRAIGY 08:36 06 Jan 2003

bios set to 4x appeture 64, iam using latest drivers for the make of card not nvidia. why would the appeture make any difference?

  Getharry 09:09 06 Jan 2003

Is that PC mark or 3d mark testing?

  CRAIGY 09:11 06 Jan 2003

3d mark. I didn't have my appeture at 64 i had it at 128. When i did put it up to 256 it crashed.

  Getharry 09:21 06 Jan 2003

I have 1800 xp 512 ddr ram and an ATI Radeon 8500 graphics card and my 3d mark score is 6700. So I can only put it down to your graphics card at the moment.

My virtual memory is set to 2 mb (the min) as i read this helps when playing graphics hungry games. My appeture size is set to 64mb.

Do you know how to go into the graphics card settings and turning everything to performance rather than quality?

  bow1 09:29 06 Jan 2003

I would have thought that is about right for a GF4MX card as I only get 6500 with GF3 TI.

  AndySD 09:32 06 Jan 2003

Checking arround its about right for your setup and card.

  CRAIGY 09:41 06 Jan 2003

I changed the D3d mipmap detail level to best performance and got a score of 4717

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