Mad mouse

  Daveym 20:49 23 Jun 2003

I have a cordless optical Microsoft mouse and keyboard and the mouse has begun to have a mind of it's own. It will shoot to one corner suddenly of move horizontally when it should go vertical and other silly things. I have been to Microsoft and downloaded the latest drivers and checked batteries etc. Any ideas please before I put it in a mouse trap!!!

Cheers Dave M

  graham√ 21:02 23 Jun 2003

If you are up for it, a trip in to the registry is called for. Go Run, regedit, F3, type 'crazy mouse'. If it is found, delete it. F3 again until they've all gone. Re-start. If you're not up for it, come back.

  Daveym 21:06 23 Jun 2003

Did that but none found.

  graham√ 21:23 23 Jun 2003

That was my best shot! There isn't a load of fluff underneath, is there? Have you a 'normal' mouse to try? That would narrow it down to the mouse itself.

  Daveym 21:30 23 Jun 2003

The mouse is nearly new so fluff is not evident, a normal mouse is ok.

PS I though your "crazy mouse" was a wind up at first.

  JoeC 21:31 23 Jun 2003

That was my thoughts - the joke .exe file !

Daveym - try Ctrl - Alt Delete and see what programmes are running. Might be the " mean " version of the joke file. I know about it 'cos I sent it to my mate. Drove him nuts for hours !! If nothing unusual is listed, I'm beat.

  JoeC 21:33 23 Jun 2003

Posted almost simultaneously - my " Mean " file is obviously not the culprit then. Have you tried switching the channel on the mouse ? They usually have two channels.

  Daveym 21:33 23 Jun 2003

Everything appears normal. I'm getting the trap out!!!

  Bodi 22:18 23 Jun 2003

I have a Trust wireless optical mouse and on occasions it does the same thing. I have to change the surface it is running - Woodchip solved it temporarily by suggesting a piece of A4.

I have come to the conclusions that optical meeces are timid little beasties that tremble and (as you are aware) run for cover when frightened. I find a mouse with a little ball has far more courage. lol

Try changing the surface - I have two different mousemats, plus the desk surface. Might help.


  Bodi 22:20 23 Jun 2003

Can't resist sorry - er it's not an optical illusion by any chance?

  Kitz E Kat 22:24 23 Jun 2003

Hold off on that trap!!
Ill call around and sort out your mouse!!!
I always catch my mouse!!!
Wont solve your problem, but will save me from huntin for a while!!!
Kitz E Kat..

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