M$ Security Essentials problem

  Esc4p3 17:49 04 Dec 2009

I have Windows Vista home premium 32bit and decided to install MSE. I uninstalled AVG 9, then used the AVG removal tool to completely remove it - then installed MSE.

All went well, until the very end of MSE finishing the update and first time scan process, at which point my system hung. The hard drive was thrashing and I left the PC along for 15 minutes at which point I decided to switch off the PC. Turned it back on and as soon as I open an IE explorer window the PC freezes - tried this process 3 times. Then went into safe mode and did a system restore to the one I created prior to started. AVG does not work and the PC still freezes.

Any ideas what went wrong - I have a backup if all else fails and I could go a bit further back with the system restore.

  Technotiger 17:54 04 Dec 2009

AVG might not have been completely cleared off the hard drive. Do a Search and if you find anything AVG delete it.

  Esc4p3 18:02 04 Dec 2009

Ok thanks. At this point having system restored, I am back with AVG, it just does not seem to be working?

ps. I also use Zonealarm free.

  kdt 11:52 05 Dec 2009

In future try Revo Uninstaller advanced mode to remove all traces of the software.

  Esc4p3 17:46 06 Dec 2009

After some investigation, I set the install back up for AVG, chose 'repair' and that seemed to fix it, all is well.

If I do go back and try MSE again, I will have to make sure all of AVG is destroyed!

Thanks, Carl

  Esc4p3 12:39 11 Dec 2009

Having got the PC back to working OK, there is one persisting problem. Zonealarm free firewall is working ok and is in the system tray and processes list(just did a shields up test as well). But a Windows security alert pops up to say the firewall isn't working. I know that I can stop the notification, but I am loathe to.

Is there anything I can do, reinstall Zonealarm, or just forget about it?


  Technotiger 18:09 11 Dec 2009

Is the alert referring to Zone Alarm, or Windows own Firewall which ZA may have auto-stopped.

If it is ZA, then yes, you could re-install it.

  mooly 18:21 11 Dec 2009

Most of the problems reported with MSE seem to stem from incomplete removal and conflicts with 3rd party security applications.

Zonealarm and MSE,
click here(30fd5d50-06ea-491a-8a0b-e84035719cdb)+site:microsoft.com&rn=Microsoft+Security+Essentials%3a+Getting+Started+and+Upgrading+Forum

  Condom 20:04 11 Dec 2009

Is it just me or are other people unable to read this page because of 1" wide adverts from Compare Mobile Broadband and The Nat West Bank encroaching into the reading space?

  Technotiger 21:11 11 Dec 2009

Try the add-on Adblock Plus!

  Esc4p3 11:03 14 Dec 2009

Techotiger - yes it is ZA, thanks will try and reinstall it as soon as I can

Mooly - thanks for the link. I do like the look of MSE, but I think a bit more research on my part. If I can get rid of the alerts by reinstalling ZA then I think that will do me for now.

Huh, software :)

Thanks for the advice anyway, Carl

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