m$ outlook, hotbar what is it?

  jospar 17:51 12 May 2003

Today my manager asked me what a hotbar in outlook did?

I've never heard of a 'hotbar' before, the only assumtion that I've got it is a way that you can get E-mail quicker. According to our headoffice IT admin chappie whos not very happy about it and is going to remove it tonight!! There been lots of complaints about it, as it has to be used! (apparently its been installed via a network computer outside headoffice and is now loaded onto all computers!)

I wasn't allowed to play so can't describe how it works, but my manager thought that we were being told that our home was the copprets, but has I said,

If this is something that been installed onto one of our computer then it should only effect that computer not computers on other sites.
The only person who should be able to make any local major changes is our admin, and she is very carefull, not one unchecked disk gets into the office let alone near any of the computers!

But any changes of the calibur, should only be enabled from the IT admin at head office, any attempts at doing this should be denied away from the main sever.

so can any body tell me what it does, (where it came from would be intresting but my thoughts that is for head office to sort.)

  VoG™ 17:58 12 May 2003

This? click here

Personally I wouldn't let it near my 'puter, not even the company's one.

I concur, it is felt that at the best it is a tracking software, it could be worse.

It can normally be removed via the Add/Remove programes facility.

Mind you head office might have installed it to track your work practices!!!!! LOL


  leo49 18:10 12 May 2003

A real piece of rubbish designed to be attractive to novices and other innocents - shouldn't be entertained on any computer.

  jospar 18:38 12 May 2003

Thanks all

Somehow I don't think it comes via the headoffice, otherwise they properly keep it.

would be interesting to find out how it got onto the network though, I thinkth someone at headoffice, better start checking who can to what and were!

Leo49, most of our computer users are novice, they learn what they need yo know and stick to it, they only one who shows any adventure on the computer is our manager, who quite often sits there and says lets see what this botton does! and what happens if I do this? And then gets me of the care floor to try to sort out what she did, which she can never remember

Has I said, if it goes pear shape just press restart and if it really goes pear shape hit restart and switch off and ring head office but don't admit to nothing play ignorent and that the IT chappie sort it, thats what he's paid to do after all!

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