lurking viruses

  kia 15:39 26 Jan 2003

This may have been asked before - but cannot find it! Is it possible for a computer (with broadband access) to have a virus problem even though the system scans say there are none present? I have 'symantec/norton anti-virus 2002' and 'zonealarm plus' installed. If so - how do you go about finding/remedying it?

  -pops- 15:45 26 Jan 2003


You can do an online virus scan at


  -pops- 15:46 26 Jan 2003

Sorry should have given you click here

  DieSse 15:49 26 Jan 2003

It is possible, though it's unlikely. If the AV program cannot detect all the viruses around - because it's not capable, or not up to date, or doesn't examine all files correctly - then of course you can have an undetected virus.

Norton has a good record of virus detection - better than many. If you want to try a product consistently rated at 100% in independant tests, then try the 25 day free trial from here. You will have to uninstall Norton first though.

click here

Caution - you may find your system runs faster with Nod than with Norton!

  powerless 15:58 26 Jan 2003

An undiscovered virus maybe sitting on the hard drive of every computer in the world, it maybe be 45KB is size hidden away amongst the thousands of files that are on a hard drive. It might be cleverly disgusied as a windows file or maybe integrated into your favourite MP3 track.

It sits there waiting for a "Turn on" a "trigger" a "seek and destroy call" it waits thats what it does. It maybe waiting for the clock on the computer to strike 25/12/2003 00:00 then BANG it sets off and works it way through your hardrive destroying every file in its way. It may pop up a message saying "Hello Mr and Mrs computer user how are you doing today?".

Nothing can stop it. You thought you had your Antivirus up to date (you may have just downloaded the most recent virus def.) You have the windows patches and those patches are patched with patches.

Then oops the computer goes off, your hoping it was just a power failure on your new power supply. The fuse may have gone even...

But you know that it was "that" virus that did it.

You press the power button and then you press it again nothing happens. At this point your kicking making sure the power button is actually going in and the contacts are touching but nothing happens.

Maybe something does happen and "No operating system installed" message comes on the screen.

You slap yourself in the face and think oh my goodness Manchester United just won West ham 6-0

You look at your computer...

You take another look and its still there...

Virus infected!!!!!!11

What can you do? Replace that hardrive?

At this point your thinking when did i last do a backup?

Your going through your discs throwing them behind you in your quest to find those backups.

I'll think i'll stop there and just say it is possible for the virus scanner not to spot a possible virus. Just as long as you keep your AV up to date and dont downlaod anyhting you dont know then you should be ok.

There is a chance thats there a undiscovered virus out there but its only time beofore its discovered and the medicine is released to cure it, then its history...

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