Lucky Tech P5MVP4 Onboard Sound

  Gaz W 19:01 05 Apr 2003

The problem is with an old Lucky Tech P5MVP4 motherboard. The computer in question had Windows 98 and the onboard sound was working perfectly fine until one day it wouldn't work. There was only a slight hissing noise coming from the speakers whenever there was meant to be sound, and this was only audible when the speakers were turned up to maximum volume. I know the speakers work, because they are working right now on a different PC. Since then I have replaced the hard disk and installed Windows 2000 Professional. I managed to locate some drivers for the onboard sound the other day, and it actually found the onboard sound and the game adapter.

The speakers plug into a sort of header on the motherboard and are attached to one of the back expansion slots (this is a Baby AT motherboard). The drivers installed successfully and Device Manager shows no problems, saying the device is working properly.

Would I need to get new audio sockets to plug into the header on the motherboard? I only want to put a sound card in as a last resort.

Also, there is a USB socket on the motherboard. Will any USB header work with this, as I have one I'm not currently using that came with my Abit KR7A-RAID motherboard?

  Gaz W 21:46 05 Apr 2003

I probably didn't explain it very well, but what basically happens is that the audio jacks and game port are fitted into a space in the back of the case (one where there isn't a PCI slot) and then they are plugged into some pins on the motherboard. The USB ports I mentioned at the end work in the same way, just like the second two USB ports you get with motherboards.

I am more concerned with the sound, and will test the USB ports myself at any time to see if they are any good, although they will not be USB 2.0.

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