Bigarch 13:42 12 Feb 2005

At start up I am getting the following message under the above - Please Close the port and try again. I press OK and it goes away and the computer appears to work OK.

How do I correct or get rid of this?

  csqwared 15:22 12 Feb 2005

Can't really help with your problem but have found this which may be of interest/use click here


  curlylad 15:23 12 Feb 2005

LTMOH is the Modem On Hold process , the L T stands for Lucent Technologies.Modem on hold utility manages incoming/outgoing voice calls on a single phone line while being connected to the internet.Users choice as to if he wishes to have this process running or not.To stop the process CTRL+ALT+DELETE to access your Task Manager ,click the Processes tab , scroll to and left click to highlight LTMOH ,

  curlylad 15:25 12 Feb 2005

... it just sent that post without me finishing it so I will finish it now.After left click to highlight LTMOH , right click it , click End Process and thats that !

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