<<< may of damaged my pc - experts help please >>>

  nufc2009 15:41 04 Jan 2009

hi, i think i might of damaged my pc thanks to some idiots help, please bare with me its a long post.

my spec first:

atrix 650w psu
asus p5n-e sli
4x1gb ddr2 corsair xms2
8800gt 1gb
500gb hdd
q6600 was @ 3ghz with TT blue orb II
sound blaster audigy 2!

how the problems started, weeks ago i succesfully flashed the bios to the latest version, never had problems in windows withit but then whenever i tried to change settings in the bios, it would freeze - noticeably if i entered the memory timings section (but happened randomly in other parts of the bios)

now last week i kept getting random crashes in windows and still in the bios. i was told to check the red switch on my psu as it might not be producing enough power, so i changed it from 115v to 230v as advised. switched pc on and entered bios, froze again, rebooted and the bios had reset itself (i didnt clear cmos or anything). so the bios was now set back to the version it was released as, so i flashed again and the bios froze during the flash (it had erased, written and froze on the verifying block stage). i waited for 10 mins and nothing, so i reset and flashed again succesfully this time. i entered xp as usual and tried defragging using the windows utility, crash again! so i scheduled a scandisk, it found a few errors on the c: drive, but then as it cleaned everything, i rebooted and now i get nothing, no signal no post. psu lights blue (its see through with led), fans start, but no signal or anything.

ive took the board out the case and tried a bare-bones approach with just 1 stick of ram, cpu and hsf,8800gt and still no joy.

my thoughts are:

> the psu has blown? there was no sparks and evidentally power is still coming through, mobo led is green

> has the mobo died? would it still have the green led if it has?

> could it just be the bios chip needs replacing, it is corrupt?

> if i connect the hdd and try to power on, the hdd led on the case is constantly red

i must add aswell, my keyboard is a microsoft wireless and mouse, the usb wireless hub thing, doesnt light green - that would only go green after post im thinking anyway

i hope the gfx card hasnt gone, the warranty is void and is only 6mths old. ive just ordered another abit ip35 pro xe for £60 which has been 100% tested, that is due to arrive tomorrow. what if i do a bare bones install tomorrow on the abit board and still nothing?

if the psu has gone, could i cause further damage? i have put the 230v back to 115v now. Also the psu was plugged in a surge protector.

very long post i hope its easy to digest, many thanks for any advice you can give.

Also i get no motherboard beeps becuase i dont think the case has speaker connections (sagitta ii)


  nufc2009 15:42 04 Jan 2009

forgot to add, i have a psu that came with the raidmax case, its a 500w raidmax psu, but the connector doesnt fit the gfx card.

  Technotiger 15:49 04 Jan 2009

115v is Continental - 230v is UK - where are you?

Running in UK at 115v is almost certain to destroy something, possibly the Motherboard or PSU.

  Technotiger 15:50 04 Jan 2009

PS - likewise running at 230v on the Continent !!

  nufc2009 15:55 04 Jan 2009

so i need 115v? ...in uk

  Technotiger 15:56 04 Jan 2009

No, in UK you need 230v.

  AL47 15:57 04 Jan 2009

no, 230v, [its not a measure of power quantity btw]

every electrical plug-in device in uk is 230

  Technotiger 15:58 04 Jan 2009

I suspect you have damaged your PSU - with a bit of luck your motherboard may be OK.

  nufc2009 16:02 04 Jan 2009

well i hope your right, i feel two possibilities, corrupt bios due to overclocking, flashing, clearing cmos etc, damaged psu or both.

i was after a better board either way, i can simply rma this p5n-e for a new and keep as spare. im looking at psu's now, also something ive been looking for. im a bit apprehensive using this psu now when i get the abit, incase i damage the abit too.

so i should put it to 230v then, if i can still test this psu on the new board i will, otherwise ill post a few psu's ive been looking at.

thanks technotiger.

also what are the chances i could of lost gfx card, cpu?

  nufc2009 16:26 04 Jan 2009

do you think it would be wise to test this possibly blown psu on the abit board when i get it? or leave it for another week or so when i decide to get a new psu? psu might be fine, could just be the board, is there any way of knowing?

  Technotiger 16:29 04 Jan 2009

I would advise you to assume that your PSU is kaput/dead/gone to that great PC Case in the Sky - Amen!

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