Jaynedoe 11:19 15 Oct 2007

Hi Guys
I seem to have a virus or something called lsass.exe. When I try to connect to my works LAN it scans my computer and says it cannot connect due to a trojan called LSAASS.EXE. Now I have scanned with AVG free and nothing comes up, I have scanned with adaware, spybot and from the Norton site and nothing comes up. But when I scan with NOD32 which is on my puter the lsass.exe comes up and asks me to submit it. It throws up 2 instances one is lsass.exe in the Win/sys/folder and another in the Win/fonts/ folder. Now I have searched for the file in windows/fonts and cant find it at all. Even the search wont bring it up. Then I tried the Windows one fix site from MS. Thats scanned my computer and the lsass.exe came up again. It says it is a keylogger whatever that is and also called MOSUCKER. That again cannot delete it it says to submit it to microsoft which the program does automatically. Now does anyone out there know how to get rid of this please. Im having no probs with my computer but when NOD32 flags it up it is in red and labelled a high risk threat. Thanks Jayne.

  FreeCell 11:56 15 Oct 2007

Have you seen this site? May help in identifying removing your virus. Seems it may be a version of Sasser.

click here

Hope it helps.

  Jaynedoe 12:08 15 Oct 2007

yes I found that site when I searched but it was no help im afraid. Thank you for your contribution though.

  gardener 12:11 15 Oct 2007

Try here:
click here

  Jaynedoe 12:23 15 Oct 2007

thanks for that but I found that site and paid the sub and it found the lsass but then said it couldnt clean it so it was a waste of money. Thanks. Jayne

  gardener 12:27 15 Oct 2007

Have you tried microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool? That's free and it's supposed to work, although I've never used it myself.

  Fermat's Theorem 12:59 15 Oct 2007

is a program that captures what you type as your type it. Obviously this can be used for nefarious purposes.

While not solving your virus problem, I would suggest that you use the onscreen keyboard provided by MS - apparently the keyloggers cannot then track what you are doing.

The Onscreen keyboard was designed as an ease of access tool rather than as a security tool. You will find it in All Programs/Accessories/Access, or by going to the command prompt and entering OSK.

Best of luck in resolving the problem :-)

  Jaynedoe 13:58 18 Oct 2007

Hi just to keep you up to date the only way I could get rid of this was to format my drive and reinstall XP. Thanks for commenst

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