low volume on pc

  Blossie 19:41 26 Dec 2006

we play all our pc sound through our stereo aux input. This has worked fine till a couple of days ago. Now despite all setting being on max the volume is very low. I've checked control panel and there is no problem with the volume setting there. Can anyone help please? thanks

  wky 19:53 26 Dec 2006

is the wave setting set to high? when you double click the audio icon on the taskbar you can see.

  ~PC Catastrophe~ 19:55 26 Dec 2006

It is possible there is something wrong with your sound card. However, it is probably just a short in one of your wires or one of your plugs are loose. Unplug everything and replug it back in, you might have jiggled something lose while cleaning. Try testing for a short as well. Good Luck! You might have to do a lot of trial and error to find the problem.

  Blossie 19:56 26 Dec 2006

thanks wky - just checked the wave setting and somehow it had been reduced down to near zero - have now changed it and its fine - sorry to be such a dumb-dumb!! merry xmas!

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