low virtual memory

  657 20:53 12 Jan 2005

can anyone please explain on (computer is low on virtual memory) why is this and what is the korse

  VoG II 20:54 12 Jan 2005

Which version of Windows and when do you get this message?

  VoG II 21:03 12 Jan 2005

via e-mail

windows xp recieved message about ten minutes ago in little icon ballon


Have a read of click here

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  highside 17:38 15 Jan 2005

I can see where the virtual memory comes from and how to increase it but cant (in my case anyway) see why its neccasary to increase it.
ie I have 512MB RAM, 30MB HDD LEFT FREE but when I try to print a photo on highest resolution setting Windows XP says that the operation needs 128MB and tells me to close some programs although nothing else is open apart from windows and my photo software. The page (Virtual) Memory in my case is set to 245MB so why with actual RAM of nearly 512MB and 245MB Virtual is print refused until I print at reduced resolution?
Any one explain please.

  dan11 18:00 15 Jan 2005

With 512Mb of installed memory, I would have my virtual memory set at 1500Mb min and 1500Mb max ( yes that is 1.5 gig)

If your photo software is like mine, then it uses a lot of virtual memory to store and display the images. Images load virtually instantly with these settings.

Heres mine for the lappy, I have virtual memory on the partition and not the C drive.
click here

  bludywoman 22:57 17 Jan 2005

dan 11, I have been reading this item with interest, I too have a similar problem but am not that good with rooting through the pc's system all by myself!...Someone advised me on pcadvisor to install FreeRam XP Pro 1.40...which is great - shows you what you've got. But it shows me as only have 39mb (15%) ram free. Is this normal...as my system is amazinginly slow!!!!!....My computer is 256mb xp pro. Got any easy to follow instructions....have posted this question b4 in other sections but no one ever advises me...it's like I have got 'geek' tattooed on my head!. HEEEEEEEElp (please.)

  dan11 23:20 17 Jan 2005

Yes I think that is low for 256Mb of memory. I would of thought about 40% free is the norm on tick over.

Have a look at windows task manager / processes tab. Here's mine on a low spec lappy click here You bring up task manager by pressing the ctrl + alt and delete buttons togther.

Is there any thing there that is using a large ammount of memory (mem usage table), also how many procceses are running ( bottom of the screen).

Post back with these.

Is it possible for you to start a new thread, so not to highjack highside's thread. :-)

  dan11 23:21 17 Jan 2005

Sorry 657's thread.;-(

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