Low Virtual Memory

  ThePharcyde007 09:36 20 Jun 2004

Guys I am running Windows XP Pro and I keep getting this yellow triangle by my clock which says my Virtual Memory is Low. The pc automactically adjusts the virtual memory because I have looked in my computer.

I have a 120GB hard drive partitioned into 3 parts as follows C:\52.8GB (34.1 Free) D:\ and E:\. Theirs loads of free space on C:\ so why is this doing it, because windows is set to automactically manage VM?

PC spec as follows

P4 3.4/800 HT
1GB PC3200 Ram
120GB H/D
Rad 9800Pro
Epox Mobo


  keith-236785 09:43 20 Jun 2004

Dont have an answer, but if your memory is in two 512 strips, try taking one out and see if it helps, if not try swapping the strips, just to try and eliminate the memory.

  ThePharcyde007 09:49 20 Jun 2004

the DDR Memory has nothing to do with virtual memory. Its to do with the hard drive allocation. cheers

  bremner 09:52 20 Jun 2004

When this occurs have you looked in Task manager and its performance tab to see if it shows the page file being totally used.?

  ThePharcyde007 21:49 20 Jun 2004

Think it was a firewall called outpost which was causing probs, uninstalled and everthing is fine,

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